Four Persons Appointed By Rev. Babuji for His Task

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Shubh Chintak Kishore

I think it would be somewhere in the year 1981-82 (AD) when Rev. Babuji disclosed to me, only two of us being in the puja-room, that “He has appointed FOUR PERSONS to carry out His task ……….". I listened and kept quite. Later, He explained no one person could do all the jobs. So four persons expert in their lines were appointed and each one would do his specific job. At another occasion He said if they do not do their job, nature will punish them.

One day in the evening after it was dark, Rev. Babuji said something to N.S. Rao,then Mission ’s office assistant. This was when two of them were in the verandah adjoining the puja-room in His haweli. I was also there in the same verandah but at a distance from them. After He had spoken to N.S.Rao, immediately he went into the puja-room murmuring something in a voice which was even audible to me. I followed N.S. Rao in that room and said as to why was he murmuring on what Rev. Babuji had said to him. In reply he said he was not saying anything.

Immediately, in came in the puja-room Rev. Babuji and said “if you do not want to listen to Me, then I would give the charge to the Youngman and then you deal with him…" and thereafter He want out of the puja-room. Then I said to myself that he will be one of those four.
Sometime later, one day Rev. Babuji asked me, when only two of us were there in the puja-room, “if I had heard of the person after Him”. I said “Yes, I had heard Jagan (meaning JRK Raizada, then Secretary of the President) saying in an abhyasis meeting at Surat (Gujarat – India ) in April 1982, when thyself were also present, that Babuji had appointed a naujawan (youngman) to work after Him."

He did not speak further but through His facial expression gave enough indication that I heard the right thing.

Dear Sharad and myself know the names of those four persons originally appointed and these will be disclosed when there are instructions from Him to
that effect.
May His task be fulfilled by persons in whom He has faith now.
New Delhi ( India )
Rakshabandhan Day
the Thursday the 2nd August 2012.

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