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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)..
On our Common desire to serve Sahaj Marg System
Shubh Chintak Kishore & Sharad Chandra
I am often in receipt of phone calls from different parts of the world expressing
their desire ‘to serve humanity by promoting Sahaj Marg System’. My common
reply to all of them is that they may first serve themselves by doing regular
practice of Rev. Babuji Maharaj’s founded system as explained by Him. This will
develop capability within themselves first for better service to the self and then
to others.
Most of the present members in the Mission only know about the System
through the self styled living master with the hope of fulfilling their material
desires by becoming its member. They develop contacts which helps them in
materially setting their life. (Marriage, job, old age time passage) .
It was also noticed in His times that many people were visiting Him with a
desire to become preceptor, as they thought that, thereby they get special
attention or they become centre of attraction in the crowd.
One day I asked Him whether preceptors were getting special consideration in
spirituality? He told me that I am young to understand this reality, but still He
replied :
“Jab ghar bara hota hai to seva key liye noker ziada chahiye hotey hain, lakin
koi bhi noker kabhi ghar ka malik nahin hota hai, balki hamesha malik key
raham per rahata hai. Malik hamesha ghar ko bananey wala hota hai. Sevadar
ko har ghalti key liye 100% saza milti hai” (When the house is big, more
servants are required for service, but none of the servants become owner of the
house, but are ever on the mercy of the owner. The owner is always the maker of
the house and the servants are 100% punishable for wrong actions).
The past actions and present physical pain of Chari are examples before others.
People should see and take lesson if they have interest in spirituality that none of
his actions represent spirituality, these are only directed towards material
growth. If Chari were to propagate his own system other than Sahaj Marg, then
neither Rev. Babuji nor anyone of us would have been directly involved in him.
But Chari is propagating Sahaj Marg founded by Him, so he has to abide by His
directions only and is answerable also. Like for Christians, Christ words are final.
Same applies to all the members in the practice of Sahaj Marg System. Members
may or may not believe, but the fact will not change, Rev. Babuji Maharaj
cannot be REPLACED.
We Practice the System to get connected with Power, and it will ever continue
flowing from Him and Him alone. Those who are not feeling the Power, their
practice is defective.
6th Feb.2013

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