Sahaj Marg teachers leave Fermont devotees spellbound.....Report on visit to US by S C Kishore and Sharad Chandra

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Sahaj Marg teachers leave Fremont devotees spellbound

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Meera Bai. Pics Neeloo Kapoor

FREMONT: This last fortnight, two down-to-earth scholars of Sahaj Marg have been busy explaining secrets of Sahaj Marg and Meditation thru it. Meditation is in the air these days.

When these two talk about it, people listen and the halls become spellbound for 15 minutes, as this is the maximum duration of their kind of Meditation. People are talking about this Sahaj Marg or easy way of meditation.

On Sunday, December 16, visitors to the Fremont Hindu Temple felt a different kind of experience and realized something new. Chairman Dr Romesh Japra also managed to spare some time to be part of it and was all praise for this meditation.

Leela Mathur, as usual, was there and she headed the team for celebrating Meera Jayanti. She joined Prabha Bhatnagar in singing bhajans of Meera Bai. Among those present were Rajesh Verma (Co-Chairman) Manorama Joshi (CFO), Veena Birla (Trustee), Keshab Chopra, Anita Chopra, Rekha Malik and many more regular devotees.

Rakesh Kapoor talked with the two learned devotees of Sahaj Marg: Sharad Chandra and Shubh Chintak Kishore.

India Post: Tell us something about yourself and your association with Sahaj Marg?

Sharad Chandra: I am the eldest grandson of the Founder of Sahaj Marg System, Rev Ram Chandra popularly known as Babuji. I will be trying my best to explain the general questions which generate in human mind and need clarification. I shall be open for any further elucidation, if any.

In June 1979 at 4.30 pm Rev. Babuji came to my room and asked me to accompany him to his Puja Room. There he told me that this was the birth place of Sahaj Marg System and then asked me to sit before him and close my eyes. I did so for 10 minutes when he said, that’s all and told me that he had connected me with Divinity forever. I was too young to understand this. When I reached the age of my understanding, I decided to ask him to explain why he never told me about the system as he was explaining it to others? After waiting for a while, he replied “where the ground is ready, no explanation is required, only connection is to be done. The explanation is required for those who have to practice the system to become eligible for connection with the ultimate Power. Since you were ready for it, so I directly connected you. Hereafter your practice will help you to realize.”

IP: What is your profession?

SC: The Year of 1979 was very important in my life as I was connected to the Divine Power forever and also secured my Bachelor’s degree in academics with his blessings. Thereafter, I decided to practice as management and finance consultant and the practice picked up very well. My relations with US based software company are also still continuing.

IP: Were there any more turning points in your life?

SC: One more turning point came when he asked me to accompany him to Paris, France in the year 1982. At Paris, I was with him all the time as I had no interest to go for outings.

There he told me lot of secrets which are very helpful for all living beings. I asked him once why was he telling me all those spiritual secrets? His reply was that time will come for me to explain this to living beings globally, which shall be counted as service to humanity. Once very late in the night, while still at Paris, he kept both his palms on my head and the force of Power felt by me was so strong that I found it difficult to bear. He asked me to sleep. I immediately went to sleep on my bed which was by his side.

Engrossed in the Pravachans L to R Leela Mathur, Veena Birla & Dr Romesh Japra

When I got up after 30 hours of sound sleep, I realized my life was transformed from the worldly side, more towards the spiritual side.

IP: Any other miracle in your life?

SC: Another transformation came in my life in the year 1987. I had food poisoning effect while traveling from Delhi to Shahjahanpur, and was admitted in the government hospital at Shahjahanpur in an unconscious state. None of my family members were aware of my whereabouts till for about a week when one day my car driver visited the hospital to see his relative there and saw me lying on a bed. After talking to the doctor about how I came to the hospital, he informed my parents. On coming to full consciousness, I realized though I had name, fame and money, but none came to my rescue. It was only Rev. Babuji’s grace which saved me and gave me new life. Right from the moment of that realization, I dedicated my maximum time in his constant remembrance and in sharing with others the benefit which we can get by practicing the Sahaj Marg System founded by him.

The transformation brought about by practice of Sahaj Marg did not permit me to retire from worldly responsibilities and duties provided by God Power. The essential help we get by practicing the system is “Balancing of Mind”. This helps in deciding the right line of action, creating more possibilities for positive results.

Taking care for the physical alone is not important Shubh Chintak Kishore (S.C. Kishore)

IP: What motivated you to join Sahaj Marg System?

S.C. Kishore: I have always been attracted by Divine personalities like Lord Ram, Krishna, Christ and others and holy persons talking about Him. My parents and grandparents were very simple. Their simple living style left deep impression on my mind. I learnt that taking care for the physical alone is not important, but I should work for my spiritual growth also.

So I have the idea that life is not only for earning money, name, and fame, but the real object lies beyond that.

IP: What is your profession?

SCK: I am a qualified Chartered Accountant (CA), like CPA in USA, and am still in practice.

IP: What is your experience as a result of practicing the System?

SCK: I have been practicing the Sahaj Marg System since 1965, for 47 years now, I see the world as a mechanical instrument of God in which people are acting as puppets in His hands. As a consequence I realized that people claiming credit for things done by them or blaming others, are laboring under misconception and wasting their precious Divine energy. But you cannot help them, much as one would like to do. As they think themselves as doers of the things as against the realty.

IP: How does it work in your daily life?

SCK: With the practice of Sahaj Marg, the clarity of real purpose of life has come to stay with me. I find that most of my family members and friends are generally acting in the cycle of karma as doers. (acting as self, instead of ones carrying out actions as per His directions or as per His scheme of the things not known to us.) Even when I try to explain to people the things in the right perspective as I see, it generally does not work. This only arouses my sympathy for them, as I cannot help them. So I have to remain only as an observer till such time, if at all, they ask for my advice.

As for my professional life as Chartered Accountant, I find that money alone does not attract me.

IP: How do you feel yourself about practicing this System?

SCK: While practicing the system daily, I find that after starting of the meditation, I am lost and do not know what is happening till my eyes get opened. Thereafter, I find it so soothing that I feel like resting for a while, and I do so many times. Rev. Babuji had explained that since the mental faculties get balanced, so one feels like resting.

IP: What was your life like life before and after taking up the system?

SCK: As described above, it may be that due to purva janam sanskar (past life impressions) I was drawn towards God. The agitation in the mind arising due to inability to get the desired result was there. The attitude of helping others was not very promising. But the eagerness for His Darshan (glimpse) was gradually gaining ground.

After taking up Sahaj Marg system practice, the mind has settled gradually, the so called advice or unpleasant happenings are not able to disturb me much. Some times disturbance may be there, but for a very short period. In this connection I remember one incident as told by others associated with me at that time. Along with the team of my professional firm, I was engaged in a big audit away from my city. Suddenly, I had to leave as my wife had had fallen seriously ill. A few days later she expired and after finishing l the last rites and making arrangements for my only child of seven years, I returned to work. The officers working at the client’s place could not offer their condolences to me as I appeared very calm to them. I do not know what they saw in me. I accepted all the present circumstances as Divine wish.

IP: Say something about Darshan

SCK: On the question of Darshan, I have come to realize that Center or God is not which one could see with these eyes. One can only experience and feel His presence within and outside in the world around. But the statement of Babuji to me was that God or Centre is TejPunj (storehouse of light). He said he had seen God. For evolving the Sahaj Marg System, he has been titled by Nature as Special Personality.

Rakesh Kapoor 
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