Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering) ..Part-7 Sharat Chandra

Posted On Sunday, January 20, 2013 | 4:18:45 AM

Haqeeqat Benakaab  (Reality without covering)  ..

 [ PART – 7 ]

Sharad Chandra

Today at 4am (IST) I asked Rev Babuji why followers of Chari always say that he is doing good service because he always talks about Babuji only and expanded the mission also.  But  I never become happy on hearing such  untrue statements.  My immediate   reply is that what else he has to talk to attract people to fulfil his material wishes. And for expansion, he used all Mission’s money in introducing the system to those who are not interested in spirituality and making ashrams in other trust names where the Mission has no right.  Most of such persons become member with the object of material growth.   He was quite for some time and then said “esasey accha jabab ho nhi sakta” (There cannot be a better reply than this ) .

Further,  I told Him that we (Kishoreji and myself) visited many places in India and outside India and met many of his introduced members.  We found only few know about your founded Sahaj Marg System that too not as you had said and not practicing regularly.  Most amongst them do not know the importance of its practice and why should it be practiced regularly? We observed, based on our experience, that large number of his members are for their material settlement. They joined the system for adding to their contacts  and to make use for material settlement like marriage, job and old age time pass. We will not hesitate to say that members introduced by Chari are  like him running for material growth and living settlements.

On hearing this Rev. Babuji became sad for a moment and then He was  happy and said, “Samay aa gaya hai ke sacchai ko samney lana hoga, Hamari madud  tumharay sath hai ”  (Time has come when reality has to be brought out,  My support is always with you) .



17th Jan 2013.


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