Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)Spirituality & Law Courts(Part-6)..... Shubh Chintak Kishore

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)
Spirituality & Law Courts
[PART – 6]
Shubh Chintak Kishore
Spirituality or representatives in spirituality have always gone by spiritual powers.
It is because of power or impression of power that general public gets attracted
towards such persons and pays regards to them. Even persons, who are holders of
some office or title which are supposed to represent power like heads of various
maths, temples, mosques, churches, institution training people for spirituality, etc.
are also respected on the assumption that they would be having some power. Such
examples are galore. In 1944/45, Rev. Babuji Himself laid three main tests for
anybody for claim to great saint :
i) One who could bring the entire universe to trans in a minute;
ii) One who could bestow highest spiritual status to anyone within a
minute, without causing death to the person;
iii) One who could charge any place with positive vibrations in a minute
so that anybody passing that way gets into Samadhi.
Such were the tests which Rev. Babuji could do. Against such backdrop of spiritual
powers possessed by Rev. Babuji, Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari claiming to be His
disciple, staked his claim to the presidency of Sahaj Marg spiritual system on the
basis of a paper. That too, the paper was alleged to have been given by Rev. Babuji
in 1976, i.e. 7 (Seven) years before His mahasamadhi when he had completed about
12 years of abhyas and there were many seniors and more able abhyasis . Rev.
Babuji had mentioned in His registered will which is on record that someone got
blank paper signed from Him while He was ill in 1976. It was the practice that as
Secretary of the Mission, Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari used to get papers signed
from Rev. Babuji in routine. He was also present during his illness in 1976. It has
not been clarified by Chari till date –
i) when he was such a devoted and confidential personal of Rev. Babuji,
as being loudly claimed by him and generally talked of in the Mission,
he should have been possessing spiritual powers. Then why he staked
his claim on the basis of a paper and not on the basis of spiritual
powers, on account of which he is being called living master ?
ii) further, if Rev. Babuji had made him His representative, then the
relevant document to that effect should have been with the Mission
only so that declaration to that effect could be made by the Secretary to
the President at the appropriate time, like after Mahasamadhi, for filling
up the gap in the office of the President of the Mission.
The Secretary to the President, JRK Raizada had also made an announcement at a
spiritual function at Surat (Gujarat) in April 1982, with Rev. Babuji physically
present on the dias, that Babuji is preparing a naujavan (youngman) to take over from
Him. This means Rev. Babuji had no idea by then of having given nomination for
Presidency as back as in 1976. Further, Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari who was also
present there. Why did he not object to that announcement on the ground that he
was already holding His signed nomination paper since 1976, or else he could
remind Him even as Mission’s Secretary about the earlier nomination and enquire
if the Master had changed His mind since then ?
For the first time the alleged nomination saw the light of the day after His
mahasamadhi. It is really intriguing & strange that such an important document was
even never whispered earlier. When it came for consideration by the Working
Committee of the Mission, they decided to send a goodwill mission to Chari for an
amicable settlement. But, Chari refused this noble gesture and said that he would
prefer court settlement instead, because he knew that in Working Committee many
members would raise doubts and objections on his alleged nomination.
Delhi (India) Amen
15th January 2013
Website : www.societyforbabujismission.org.in
Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)
Spirituality & Law Courts
[PART – 6] continued
Shubh Chintak Kishore
Chari knew well that there were huge funds of the Mission at his disposal lying both
at Madras Centre and at Head-quarter at Shahjahanpur, which he could spend freely
to get hold of the golden hen i.e. Mission’s reins. The subsequent events have
proved this – his position before grabbing Mission’s Presidency when he used to
come to Shahjahanpur in hawai chappals, and the affluent status now obtaining after
rolling into diverted Mission’s money . If he were to fight the Presidency battle with
his own personal sources, he could not have ventured such a step. This is also the
reason why he has not yet contradicted that he did not use Mission’s money for
fighting his claim to be the President of the Mission.
We are not only fully aware but convinced also of the basis and reasons of Chari’s
present affluence. He would be exposed only if we were to decide to bring him to
the court of law as he is standing on a very weak and vulnerable wicket. That is
why he is regularly consulting his lawyers as told by Rev. Babuji and is scared lest
we expose him in public and before his sycophants.
Our stand till now is that small small moneys donated by members of the Mission
from their meager resources for charitable cause, should not be wasted in court
litigations. Such situations should be avoided as far as possible. Rev. Babuji was
also in favour of this policy of not wasting poor persons’ donations on avoidable
litigations. He Himself did not go for avoidable litigations for the said reasons.
Though we are in a position to fight an easy win-over case, because Chari’s stand is
on very sticky grounds. But Rev. Babuji under whose directions and guidance we
are working, is refraining us from such an action presently.
It may be remembered that Chari, who propagated as living master, is one of the
three person whose internal cleaning was assigned to me by Rev. Babuji in His life
time and these instructions stand even till this day. Further, a veil on the living
master’s power of transmission placed by Rev. Babuji is also appearing to my view.
For this reason, he is thus not at all a fit person apart from other reasons also, to
head Shri Ram Chandra Mission where power of transmission is one of its
distinguishing features.
We have all the time been appealing to Chari for his good sense as we had known
him as a sensible person. After all he shall take nothing from this world, then why
should he undertake the burden of willful wrong doings, may be on the advise of his
worthless sycophants to make best use of public funds by establishing business
corporate and strengthening family. So we have been appealing to his good sense.
May God give him goods sense.
( completed)
Delhi (India) Amen
15th January 2013
Website : www.societyforbabujismission.org.in.

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