Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)
Shubh Chintak Kishore
Sharad Chandra
We, S.C.Kishore and Sharad Chandra, recently visited various places in USA for
propagation and promotion of the objects of the Society for Babuji’s Mission for
making Sahaj-Marg as way of life universally. In the process, we met various
persons who are followers of Chari, but who were dis-satisfied for want of any
practical experience as a result of their Sadhana and they were found to be
We also paid visit to Chari’s local centre in USA on one weekly satsang day,
where the attendance was very thin. Sharad Chandra gave his name and short
family introduction with reference to Rev. Babuji Maharaj. The sitting was given
by a person who was obviously appointed by Chari as Preceptor. Both of us felt
absolutely no transmission in that sitting. So after waiting for sometime,
S.C.Kishore requested Rev. Babuji to give sitting and he enjoyed direct
transmission from the Master - Rev. Babuji, but Sharad Chandra opened his
eyes. He found that in that about 40 minutes sitting, the person conducting the
sitting opened the eyes thrice for looking at the watch. S.C.Kishore also felt
great grossness (heaviness) in the meditation hall also showing wrong following
of Sahaj Marg. In the hall, photographs of Rev. Lalaji Saheb, Rev. Babuji Maharaj
and Chari were placed at the platform. Further, unlike Rev. Babuji’s saying that
after sitting some paragraphs from His books should be read, instead a recorded
speech of Chari delivered by him at some place in Rajasthan in 2010 was
replayed. In the speech Chari referred to hierarchy in Sahaj Marg, obviously
starting from Rev. Lalaji Saheb.
In the course of discussion with Chari’s followers in USA, we found that all of
them are given to understand that Sahaj Marg was started by Rev. Lalaji Saheb,
followed by Babuji and now by Chari and that Chari will nominate his successor.
In our talk every where in India and abroad, both of us have been forcibly telling
people that Sahaj Marg was founded by Rev. Babuji Maharaj. That is why at the
SCRM Head-quarters Ashram Meditation Hall, the inscription on a stone is :
“ Shahjahanpur –
Birth place of
Sahaj Marg ”.
As will be noticed that founders of any system had ‘no gurus’ because they were
to introduce later in their lives something original, which could not be possible if
they had their gurus. In that case they have had to toe the line of their gurus.
Rev. Lalaji followed Sant-mat/Sufism. But Rev. Babuji did not subscribe to his
system. He evolved the new system of Sahaj Marg for which He was born.
Further, founders have no representative, like Lord Buddha, Christ, Prophet
Mohammad and others. Likewise, Rev. Babuji has no representative. So the
system of hierarchy does not apply in such cases. Making such statement by
persons as done by Chari, are motivated, misleading and mischievous.
Rev. Babuji had said that if anybody did not recognize Him as Master, such
persons would not get any benefit from Sahaj-Marg.
It is a pity that Chari who made people recognize and call him as a ‘Living
Master’ , is reportedly leading a very miserable life. Rev. Babuji tells us that
Chari is begging Him for death, but he has yet to face the nature’s drama. In the
last days of Rev. Babuji’s self-imposed physical unconsciousness so to be able to
accomplish the nature’s jobs which had to be done in the human frame, and
after completion of the same, He left His mortal body as per His choice. Though
the Living Master and or his followers are equating Chari’s present continued
bad state to that of Rev. Babuji’s last days, but none has said that Chari has any
nature’s directions for carrying out its scheme of the things. Such talks are only
an attempt to divert Chari’s innocent followers, who refuse to exercise their
mind, from the realities of his facing operation of natural law of reaping the
fruits of the seeds sown by him.
May Rev. Babuji continue to shower His grace on His followers
Delhi (India)
Date : 5th January 2013 Amen
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