Haqeeqat Benakaab(Reality without covering)...contd. Shubh Chintak Kishore / Sharad Chandra

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering) .. contd.
Shubh Chintak Kishore
Sharad Chandra
Our last visit to USA was successful. We explained every where the beauty of
Sahaj Marg system evolved for emancipation of humanity. The system of Raj
yoga propagated by Rev. Babuji as Rishi Patanjali in one of his earlier lives, was
perfected by Him in this life as Babuji, and the Nature gave the system the name
of Sahaj Marg. Our Stress has been on giving practical exposures of Sahaj
Marg to new persons. On account of this strategy, experiences were felt by each
and every person attending our practical sessions. Many more persons including
local inhabitants of USA, started the practise of the system during this visit.
Certain persons were also appointed by us to share responsibilities, in line with
Paris Declaration, of maintaining sat-sang and its further propagation. We also
met Government authorities who promised us to help in this noble cause. One
news-paper in California having circulating in East side of USA too, interviewed
us and published in its paper about our genuine efforts in this direction.
In our visit to Chari’s one of the Centre’s in USA where His photographs has
been shown along with Rev. Babuji and Rev. Lalaji for claiming hierarchy. This
was most outrageous to us specially when looked in the context that the said
Ashram’s atmosphere was gross and the person giving the sitting had no power
of transmission. Such a place is really an insult to the personalities like Rev.
Babuji Maharaji and Rev. Lalaji Saheb. Sharad Chandra says that it is so even at
Chennai Ashram.
Further, it is surprising how people have accepted a person as a spiritual guide
who is not even a human. This shows that the innocent abhyasis of Chari are not
aware of the full facts. It should be remembered that the person claiming to be
a great devotee of his master, was busy in April 1983 showing his alleged
nomination for Presidentship of Sahaj Marg system to abhyasis of Shri Ram
Chandra Mission for declaring him as the next President of the Mission when the
abhyasis along with Master’s family members were in deep mourning on the
passing away of their beloved guru Rev. Babuji and his mortal remains were still
lying at His house and then at the Head quarter meditation hall at Shahjahanpur
for the last ceremony, and this person (Chari) had no remorse on his face. A
person who is not even human has tried to equate himself with Rev. Babuji and
Rev. Lalaji Saheb.
It is equally unimaginable for us how any spirituality could be expected from
such a person and from the places built by him. His face and present actions
continue to show utter grossness, according to me. Rev. Babuji had told me that
if you take photograph of any person into the hands, that person’s true character
could be revealed. While arranging for tickets and visas for persons going to
Paris in August 1982, when I picked up Chari’s photograph, immediately the
idea came that he was a cheat. I could’nt believe it then. So again I picked up
his photograph in my hands. The same idea and feeling again came that he was
a cheat. The events and circumstances since Rev. Babuji’s mahasamadhi till this
day have been given enough evidence strengthening that idea that Chari was a
cheat, though I must admit that I can not escape but to feel sorry for him.
The abhyasis of Rev. Babuji made by us at USA have been very eager that we
visit them more frequently than in the past.
May Babuji’s grace, support, direction and guidance continue with us to enable
us to fulfill His mission (object) of making Sahaj Marg as the way of life
Delhi (India)
Date : 11th January 2013 Amen.

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