Love and true Love:

Posted On Sunday, August 26, 2012 | 9:38:42 AM

Love and true Love:

Two types of present human beings in the world.

My observed belief forced me to accept the TRUTH for consideration that only two types of human beings are present: -

1. Those love God.

2. Those loved by God.

Most of the present human beings love God in a accepted way. Often it is observed that all such human beings are loving with the condition which may concern (Material, physical, or financial) I accept and belief such love like a business contract.

Types of Love:

Love: Those human beings who are loving God with demand, achievement and gain, never allow themselves to be with ONE. They keep shifting the belief from one to another to fulfill their wishes. They remain within the boundary of gain, or loss. Condition remains in between May or may not as per wish because selected style is like a BUSINESS deal and love REFUSES to accept such things.

True love: It is condition less condition. It strongly accepts and believes only in ONE.

The observed truth is that they are never settled in life perfectly, as every human being wishes.  They remain  in a restless condition throughout the life, which supports them to be more closer to God.   

To my belief God tests them and wishes them be more pure and clean, same as gold . It is put on fire to clean and shine. When it successfully pass out, it is accepted as very close to purity.  Same way human beings too. He keeps them on test when they pass all His test successfully,  then He accepts and starts loving them.

That is why true lovers are very few in the world, because they need to surrender  all the Wishes and act under His command. Such human beings who reach on this state are easily identifiable even in a big crowd,  because His power shines on them.



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