"Greatfulness" and "Ungreatfulness" both qualities are latent qualities and require keen eyes to decipher them.....Shubh Chintak Kishore

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Gratefulness” and “Ungratefulness” both are latent qualities
and require keen eyes to decipher them
Shubh Chintak Kishore
Gratefulness is a quality. If a person felt gratitutious of someone, that is because
he really carries kind feelings for that person, the idea of gratitude being
engrained in that person. So is ungratefulness, it is also a quality if a person
were ungrateful, that is because the quality of being ungrateful is ingrained in
that person. Gratefulness and ungratefulness both are inner qualities. They only
become apparent i.e. patent with the happening of certain events or exposition
by some extraneous circumstances. The latent quality can be recognized even in
its original state, but only with keen eyes. Those who have a habit of being
grateful, will ever be grateful even for small things because they are made up of
that texture. Likewise, those who have a habit of being ungrateful, with
whatever you do for them, they will ever be ungrateful because they are made
up of that texture only. They think that whatever somebody is doing for them
or did for them, was in appreciation of their deeds or attributes which had
compelled them to do so or because they were extra smart on account of which
they could take others for ride. Persons who earn anything on by befooling
others will certainly not feel obliged to their benefactors or the befooled ones.
Rev. Babuji showered love and affection on all human beings including
Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari, who was the constitutional office-bearer of the post
of Secretary of Mission appointed by Him. But he took appointment as Secretary
as demeaning his caliber. So he self-designated himself as the General Secretary
of the Mission. Though he did not do that way when he himself appointed the
office-bearer of the Mission and designated the incumbent to the post only as
Secretary of the Mission and not General Secretary. The paradox of Chari’s
character is self-revealing – means the latent had become patent, but one only
has to be sharp enough to recognize the conversion of the latent into patent.
Look at Rev. Babuji’s Personality, He gave him free hand to organize the
organizational matters of the Mission. But Chari practically usurped all the
organizational powers and rendered lip service to Rev. Babuji belying His
intents. This is an inherent quality of being ungrateful, but only to be
recognized by watchfuls ! Still, Rev. Babuji loved Chari as per His latent quality
and took him along whenever He went abroad. But in his turn, when Chari
himself went abroad, he never took anybody along with him. Again an example
of latent quality, concentrating all powers into himself and using others for
achieving his object.
With Rev. Babuji, he though that whatever position he was enjoying
organizationally and spiritually, was because of his qualities meaning that he
earned them. So when he was eased out by Rev. Babuji from the position of
Secretaryship in February 1982, the quality of ungratefulness patented (surfaced)
itself. He thought that having served the Mission, yet he was eased out by the
person whom He called his Master. His latent qualities of ungratefulness
became patent. He revolted against Rev. Babuji and even excited overseas
abhyasis assembled at Paris in August 1982 to do likewise against the Master at
the function by not accepting the Paris Declaration.
I am primarily on the task of describing how latent becomes patent with change
of circumstances – if latent is the quality of ungratefulness, then only
ungratefulness will become patent. If a person were ungrateful to his own
Master – who is also the Founder of the system – then how could he be ever
expected to be grateful to anybody ? This is for the people to understand. But
alas the innocents, who refuse to exercise their mind, how could they decipher
the red intents.
I really have my heartful of sympathies for Chari as he is guru – bhai. That is
why I implore him to request God to bestow wisdom upon him. So that even at
this late stage when people would be preparing to close their life inning, he can
ponder over his past and remember the love & affection of Rev. Babuji Maharaj
and sincerely request for His forgiveness for converting the rare spiritual
organisation into a mercenary social organisation. As he is going to take nothing
physical from this world and if he is lucky to get His grace even at this late
juncture, he can think of at least a peaceful end- even that would otherwise be a
nightmare, believe me !
Diwali – the 11th January 2013 Amen
Delhi (India)

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