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Rev. Babuji i.e. God Power
Shubh Chintak Kishore
There are references in Hindu scriptures and mythological books about 
great saints who have been in the past.  In number of cases references  are 
available in great detail about them.  Some are also reputed to have been 
blessed by personalities like Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.  The Hindu 
scriptures categorically says that all  those who are born on this earth 
planet,  their identities shall be maintained even  after their physical 
cessation of the bodies till the  Mahapralaya (complete dissolution of 
Universe).  Then all the identities, including those who got liberation but 
had to maintain their separate identity, will get merged into  the Ultimate.
I find Rev. Babuji has presented an exception to the said universal rule that 
all those born will maintain their separate identity till Mahapralaya  and 
will  then get merged into the Ultimate.
We may like to listen attentively  to Rev. Babuji’s  sayings  which are 
exceptions in themselves and then ponder over their meaning.  He said to 
me  “Hamare janey ki pahchan hogi ki sab logon key chehron par 
roohaniyat hoghi”.  [The sign of my going will be that there will be glow 
of spirituality on the faces of everybody].  To dear Sharad He said in Paris 
( France ) in August 1982 “Body chorney key baad Hum power mein merge 
kar jaien-ghey”.  (After leaving body I shall merge into the Power).  He 
also told him that  He shall throw  His power into temples, mosques, 
churches and other religious places so that people visiting those places 
get peace and He shall take nothing from this world.  There has been no example, to the best of my knowledge, where any saint 
would have said like that as given above.  When the shocking news of Rev. 
Babuji having left His mortal body came to me over the telephone, soon 
after this information, in the morning on 19th
 April 1983,  I started 
preparing myself to have the last glimpse of His physical remains.  I went 
down from the second floor of my house to fetch my son from the play 
school, where he had gone.  Then whichever face I saw, I found 
everybody’s face full of spiritual glow.  Then I was immediately reminded 
of Rev. Babuji’s  words as quoted above  “Hamare janey ki pahchan hogi 
ki sab logon key chehron par roohaniyat ho-ghi”.  There has been another 
incidence in this connection.  Some time back, as per the practise, I wrote 
an article and in the end of which I had mentioned  that after 
mahasamadhi,  Rev. Babuji is just like God power and the article was 
presented to Him for His approval.  He said ‘why just like God-power’, 
say ‘God Power only’.  So the article was released  for information only 
after the above said correction was carried out. 
To-day in the afternoon an  inspiration  came to my mind that I should 
write on this subject, hence this writing.  In worldly matters the first 
example of merger which came to my mind was of dissolving of sugar into 
water and after that both become one.  Immediately a counter to that kind 
of mergence came to view that through some chemical process sugar can 
be separated from water.  So it can not be called merger in the real sense of 
the word.  Thereafter, the next example that come to the mind was that of 
merging of the river  Yamuna into river Ganga  (Ganga) at  Prayag  ( 
Allahabad ).    After Sangam,  the spot of mergence, the water of Yamuna river can not be separated from the water of Ganga because it has merged 
into river Ganga. 
Like that, in the physical living period of Rev. Babuji on this earth planet, 
 He and the Power behind Him were two entities.  That is why Rev. Babuji 
often used to say “people come to see me, but nobody is able to see me”.  
After leaving His physical body, the real self of Babuji (i.e. Atma or Soul) 
merged into the Power.
From the moment thereafter, Rev. Babuji is God-Power and shall remain 
so till this Universe lasts. 
May He always keep illuminating our – dear Sharad and mine- hearts and 
of other real seekers of spirituality, so that  during our sojourn or period of 
physical stay on earth we keep doing the right thing as per His wishes.
Delhi ( India )                                                                                                Amen
 November 2012

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