Who can represent Rev.Babuji's founded system

Posted On Tuesday, November 6, 2012 | 5:51:37 PM

Who can represent Rev Babuji’s founded system
9th Oct 2012
Early morning at 3.40 am (IST), Rev. Babuji Maharaj
told qualifications of the competent person to
represent His founded Sahaj Marg System. “Wahi
hamaare system aur ham ko represent kareigha jo ki
hamaare system ko sahi tarhe samajh gaya hoo”.
[Only that person will represent my system and
myself, who has rightly understood my system’].
Many known people are trying to represent the system
based on their false understanding, because it is not
based on their regular practice. The regular practice
only can conform the reality. Due to representation by
such imperfect persons, problems have been created
amongst members and abhyasis in the Mission. It is
important to set it right in the direction of Rev. Babuji
Maharaj wishes. For this, selfless and bold persons
selected by Him only can shape.
Babuji: I trust and selected Kishore and Sharad for this work if any one tries to misbehave
with them be ready for nature’s punishment.

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