My sympathies to Chari as a human CA Shubh Chintak Kishore Amen 10th October 2012

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My sympathies to Chari as a human
CA Shubh Chintak Kishore
The dictate of the Founder of the Sahaj-Marg system – Rev. Babuji Maharaj – on 9th
October 2012 to dear Sharad makes it clear without any ambiguity who can 
represent Him.  It is not only for now, but for all times to come the guidelines who 
will represent Him. 
The facts and circumstances in the matter of Presidentship for Shri Ram Chandra 
Mission  are well within the knowledge of Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari, better than 
in anybody else’s knowledge.  Further, the appointment being by the Hon’ble 
Courts, it is an arrangement to fill the gap in the office of the President of a public 
institution, they have not touched the spiritual quality of the person as it is beyond 
their jurisdiction.  There is no law  under which such a person can appoint his 
successor, and if such an appointment were made, it is bad in law and hence null 
and void abinitio.  Further, Chari has admitted in the past and never denied it in 
future that  he is not in inter-commune with Rev. Babuji.  Then why does he 
mislead his innocent members, who of course, like simpletons believe him without 
applying their mind, that he has received the consent and blessing of Rev. Babuji  to 
the appointment of Kamlesh Patel at his successor President.
Yes, anyone can understand what would be really agitating Chari’s mind-  the 
diverted wealth of SRCM to his newly created trusts, should not go out of his and 
his family’s and friends hands.  So, he has to find out a reliable business man and 
nominate him.  That is why, after refusal by Ajai Bhatter, the next business-man, 
choice is Kamlesh Patel.  In a clever move,  Chari  appointed Kamlesh Patel as VicePresident also of the Mission for the time being, but the acceptance of both the said 
offices by Kamlesh Patel are still not available.  I think as a shrewd businessman, he is avoiding the visible ensuing problems that shall immediately follow such 
appointments ? 
I can well understand that safeguarding of  the diverted property will be his prime 
concern.   But he can not say so in public.  So he can not appoint Kamlesh Patel as 
President of those trusts only as that will fully exposes the widely well known 
secret.  So he has to say for consumption of his innocent members that Kamlesh 
Patel is the President of SRCM.  It is like the saying that when cat catches rat, the rat 
closes its eyes saying the world does not exist.
I really pity Chari ’s condition that he cannot say true facts to his innocent members 
for whom he is a living master.  I would again say May God give Chari wisdom. 
 October 2012

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