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Rev. Babuji’s style of saying or doing things
Shubh Chintak Kishore
The more I think about Babuji Saheb, more I find that in His simplicity He had
unique ways of doing and saying things. But because of His outward simple
posture, people were mislead and did not give due weightage to His actions and
sayings – took them lightly. But if we look at His simple things, these give clue
or indication to very big things. Unfortunately, because of His exterior, people
denied to themselves the benefit that they would have derived from Him. He
was easily accessible to simple people. Clever people, commonly considered as
intelligent class, missed Him because of their cleverness.
Lots of His associates would remember that He used to speak to people in a
general way without addressing any individual, but that talk was really meant
for some particular person and that person concerned also understood that it was
directed towards him/her only. Or where He spoke something to someone
directly, He would say in a suggestive way, say if this were done in this way it
would be better, He would not say do it like that. He told me once why He
did’nt say anything straight, because then it becomes an order and not carrying
out the order amounts to disobeying Guru’s aadesh (order) or guru ki agya ki
awhelna (Disobeying guru’s command) and the person becomes doshi (culprit)
liable for punishment. Same thing was asked by dear Sharad, Rev. Babuji’s eldest
grandson, once as to why He did not say things straight to people. He replied
that His saying straight becomes Nature’s command, and if not obeyed, that
person attracts nature’s punishment. So to save people from nature’s
punishment, He gave suggestions only. Example of Nature’s punishment is, on
His asking Mahatma Gandhi to discontinue what he was then doing at Noakhali
(earlier in ‘East Pakistan’, now in ‘ Bangladesh ’) and his refusing to accept His
advice, earned him the wrath of Nature. News came in a short time thereafter
that Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead. See His compassion for people !
What clue or indication do we get about the greatness of Rev. Babuji from the
way He was saying/doing things. His saying that way, showed His concern
about that person(s). He didn"t want them to suffer punishment. For a normal
person saving anybody else from the suffering emanating from punishment to
him is of no concern to that person. It is commonly understood that the other
man has to take care of his own interest/concerns. It is only a great man who
will take care of the other person’s concerns and that is why He is great.
Babuji Saheb said that by doing things in a simple way, you run parallel to
nature and also attract nature’s power. Amen
25th October 2011

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