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For leading a happy and balanced life, one needs ‘good-health’, ‘peace of mind’ and the ‘practical knowledge of how to achieve it’. 


Good – Health


The main thing which every human needs is ‘Good-health’.  A common saying in India in this connection is :


                    “Pahila Sukh, nirog Kaya”    (First happiness is ailment free body)


The WHO (Uno – health wing) is still working to bring out a suitable definition of good health.  Without going into the intricate part of defining  good health, as a common man we can always think how to be really happy in our life.


Different ways for being healthy are in practice at different places, suiting local environmental conditions and the  person concerned.


But for good health, it is recognized all over that it can not be achieved without peaceful or stress-free mind.  It is said that through mind one can even control diseases and their bad effects on health.  On this principle, several techniques of healing through mind and will-power  have come up.


Peace of Mind for stress - free life


Just as money is the pivot around which the whole economic science clusters,  likewise peace of mind is the pivot around which the success of entire human activity depends.


For peaceful mind, disciplining of mind and thoughts are necessary.  Direction to the mind is very essential, otherwise at one stage mind is bound to  get obsessed with worldly possessions only and create imbalances in mind and disturb its equilibrium and peace.


Worries and tensions will always be there as these  are general phenomenon all over the world. If taken in the right perspective, worries are natural and are also instrumental for human evolution.  In fact, we have wrongly taken worries as bad. But tension is un-natural and can be avoided.  This has bearing on human mind and its adverse impacts affect human efficiency, capability, capacity to work and peace.  It is said that a fabulously rich person in USA, who could buy anything which the money could buy, was once asked if he had peace of mind, to which he replied in negative. 

What is the way out ?


 “Meditation - through Natural and Easy Way


Meditation through ‘Raj-yoga’ is the technique which connects human-consciousness with super-consciousness.  There are several ways of meditation, each aiming at the abovesaid goal.  But perpendicular distance can only be one.    The system of meditation, which I got through constant earnest  prayer to the Divine for several months, is the one which was prevalent in vedic period – and got obscured all these years.  The nature brought it back for the present day people.  With my experience of practicing this system of meditation for approximately  46  (forty six) years I can say with full confidence that it is the perpendicular system of meditation.


As a result of its practise, the mind starts working in an automatic and natural way without tension.  Unwanted thoughts do not haunt us and in a short period of time brings us to the wanted or natural state.  Unwanted thoughts do not haunt us.  There are ‘no do nots’ in it.  This is possible for anyone to practice. Results will start becoming visible to them very soon.


I would consider it as my fortune, if I could be of use to humanity in any part of the world.


                          ‘Peace of mind in 20 (twenty) minutes, guaranteed’



Persons at eminent positions who practiced/practice meditation


In India


Indira Gandhi, Past Prime Minister of India

Dr. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, Past  President of India

Dr. B.D. Jatti, Past Vice-President ,

Dr. Chenna Reddy, Past Governor of U.P. State,

Justice M.L. Chaturvedi, ex-Judge at the U.P. High Court,

Sri J.M.Garg, ex-Chairman & Mg Director (CMD) of a public sector Bank and

     Presently, Vigiliance Commissioner at the Central Vigilance Commission of

      Govt of India,

Sri B. Samal ex CMD of a public sector bank and presently Director on various


Dr Mrs. Vartika Mathur, Teaching Faculty at Delhi University South Campus,

Sri Amarjeet Chopra, past President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of


Swami Vivekananda,

His holy Highness Dalai  Lama,                    etc.  etc



Andre Porey (France)

Dr Gangloff (Germany



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