Why explanation by few understood better by listeners Shubh Chintak Kishore

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Why explanation by few understood better by listeners
Shubh Chintak Kishore
Rev. Babuji as founder of Sahaj Marg, has not only given an easy and simple way of 
natural living leading to God realisation/self-realisation, but has also given full 
explanation and details about His system.  There is nothing that anyone can add 
anything to what He has already given and explained. In fact, it is a practical 
system, where each and every abhyasi himself/herself becomes clearer day by day 
with the practice of the system itself.  It took just less than a minute for Rev. Babuji 
to explain to me the method of practicing His system. That was in 1965 and till today that is working.  Reading His literature from time to time only strengthens 
what I am doing and feeling.
And yet there is so much confusion.  Different persons have explained the system 
differently and added something to increase the confusion.   When each one is  
practically saying the same thing, then why is it that explanation by some goes 
down the listeners’  heart quickly as compared to others.  I have thought over the 
matter and come to one conclusion only.  The difference is in the person explaining.  
The explanation only by the person who is regularly practicing as per the advice of 
Rev. Babuji, can appeal to the hearts of listeners.  And that is the secret of the whole 
thing.  You do not require a orator or learned person to explain Sahaj Marg.  The 
system is simple and practical.  The power gets transmitted to the hearts of the 
listeners by the speaker who  is self-less, abiding by His advice and accepted by 
Him.  This is the secret why explanation by few are better understood as compared 
to others. May He continue to shower His Grace on us selected by Him – dear Sharad and 
myself – so that we could propagate His Sahaj Marg as per His desire and are able 
to leave behind us His pure system. 
Delhi  ( India )                                                                                                           Amen
October 27, 2012

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