Revered Babujiís mission (object) Shubh Chintak Kishore

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Revered Babuji’s mission (object)

Shubh Chintak Kishore


 He expressed that" one day a soul who was about 2.50 lac years old, presented himself before Him and inquired if He were God." Rev. Babuji said that" He inquired from persons  sitting before Him then, as to what should He tell the soul !" This was the Special Personality, known as ‘Babuji’ who was born to usher in the spiritual EraHe remodeled and refined His own system of Raj-yoga propagated as Patanjali Rishiin an earlier life, to suit the present day conditions enabling self – realization or God realization in part of one’s own life time while leading an ordinary house-holder’s life. The Nature titled His system as SAHAJ-MARG’.  His mission (object) was to make Sahaj-Marg as a way of lifeworldover. 

To propagate Sahaj-Marg, He created more hands to help Him and named them as Preceptors.  This was with a view to create general awareness and confidence in the people about the system and His desire to make Sahaj-marg as a way of life world over.  This was His way of doing things, But the people could not rise to the occasion and the preceptors started behaving themselves as guru, powers they already got from Him. 

In a short period, preceptors generally lost His confidence and they came down to their original positions.  Their unethical activities and behaviour compelled Him to discontinue the system of preceptorship and not to authorize any one to make further Preceptors in future and declared that He would give His powers to religious places and environment and merge with power after leaving His human veil.   The real seekers of spirituality would get to known the system either from those already practicing or nature would help them and they would  get the power direct from Him with no - middleman.


Such decisions were made by Him to make Sahaj-marg known to those who are not even aware of it as also about Him. Since there will be no in - between Him and abhyasis, they will have to be assured that they would undoubtedly get His attention by dedicated regular abhyasis (practise) of Sahaj-marg as prescribed by Him.   There is no other way, system, or short cut for drawing His attention.  Practise in this manner, as told by Him, is bound to make an abhyasi a lion in spirituality, on whom His grace would be flowing all the time.  Such an abhyasi would need no introduction, but would get introduced on account of his/her own qualities.  Rev. Babuji wanted such abhyasis for His mission.  It is noticed that people are only busy in increasing the number of members, without even generally looking that they get help  to become proper abhyasis, insisting on them for quality through abhyas and not through any other means like  befriending with any preceptor, etc.   Since there would be no new preceptors in future, persons would be needed who would be practicing Sahaj-marg system and would be able to explain the system to new persons.  Rev. Babuji had used the word‘Organiser’ in the Bye-laws of the Mission while discussing there about the propagation of the system.  The wordorganizer has been borrowed from there for calling such persons who would be rendering the service of explaining the system to new persons as discussed earlier in this para.


Rev. Babuji’s intentions in the matter were known to many people in the Mission.  Instead of making His intentions known to abhyasis and working for His wishes, those preceptors – alias- gurus - along with their group members, which included Preceptors as well, starting working their own ways after His mahasamadhi. Some started styling them as Living Master, some other preceptors opened their workshops in one name or the other and started giving transmission sittings to their disciples, oblivion of the fact that veil may have been placed by Rev. Babuji against their transmission powers for the reason of commercializing the system in one way or the other or misusing it for gurudom, etc.  Rev Babuji has said that misuse or personal use of funds received from abhyasis would be viewed by Him very seriously, and such persons along with their family members would be punished by nature even if they were His personal family members.  The history is a witness to that.


Many self-styled senior preceptors had forgotten that Rev. Babuji’s power still works,  except exploiting Sahaj-marg for their vested interests.  When such persons got exposed by their own actions, He united me after 28 years in September 2010 with dear Sharad  Chandra, His eldest grandson who was under His training since 1980 as conveyed by Him through me to his father before going to Parice (France) in 1982. He instructed us to work for His mission (object).  He further told that what He had told others, they would not reveal on account of their vested interest, so we should work for His mission (object)

Accordingly, we picked up His instructions and since then we two are working under the umbrella of His grace, protection and direction, making us strong making one and one eleven, to carry out His mission (object).


   We find that we two are sufficient to ignite people for His object.


Instead of getting involved in things other than His object, we would be frittering away our energies, so a separate institution under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, has been mooted out with the name ‘Society for Babuji’s mission’, to carry  out His mission (object) as discussed above.  Just like, as He created the SRC Mission in the sacred memory of Rev. Lalaji Saheb, we along with a few other abhyasis who believe only Rev. Babuji, thought of creating another institution to carry out His mission (object).  Our intents are very clear and transparent and we are practicing the same as well.  Till now, our activities have generally been financial from our own personal resources.


We are making organizers world over to carry out His object.


Guidelines for making organizer have also been drawn up and these are being given or will be given to persons appointed as organizer for the abovesaid purpose.


Dear Sharad and myself are making our sincere efforts with a view to give happiness to Rev. Babuji and if possible to be on the road of being able to repay even a fragment of Guru-Rin  (Guru’s debt).  Though we are not working for any reward, but others joining our movement sincerely, would not go unrewarded by Rev. Babuji.  It is very heartening to note that new people – both ladies and gents – globally are eagerly looking for such solutions of life as is being offered by Rev. Babuji and our efforts are being reciprocated with great enthusiasm and success.  May His grace dawn on sincere people world over not known to Him and who have not even heard of His name and the system.


9th September 2011


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