"Hamne sarey zaruri adhyatmik gupt raz khol diye hain, zaruratmand dhund lega aur practice kareyga"Babuji,

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"Hamne sarey zaruri adhyatmik gupt raz  khol diye  hain, zaruratmand 
dhund lega aur practice kareyga”   Babuji, 3.40 am on date 22nd Oct 2012
(I have opened all the necessary secrets of spirituality, needy will trace and practice) 
22nd Oct 2012 
Sharad Chandra 
Rev. Babuji Maharaj, has very boldly said and written that He had opened all the 
necessary secrets of spirituality,  needy will trace and practice.   
People associated with worthless self style Living master often comment that there were 
few number of members in the Mission, during His life time, but no one is telling the 
reasons why ?   
I would like to share the reason  as per Rev. Babuji Maharaj,  
1.  My purpose of birth was to reframe the yoga system as per the need of the 
day, compared to  what I had declared as  Patanjal Rishi. 
2. My reframed system will be well understood and practiced by generations 
yet to be born. 
3. Presently very few living beings will be capable to understand and practice 
my reframed system because it involves material sacrifice for which very 
very few are ready.  So this stopped me from adding more abhyasis.  I used 
to look for abhyasis and not members.  The difference is those who are 
regular in practice are abhyasis and the rest others are members.  
On comparing the position before and now, my comments are :  
1. Readers should gage themselves in which  definition are they fitting, and then 
compare the numbers whether more or less during and after His life with the 
quality now available.  
2. Consider His actions and purpose which was based on simplicity, and then  
look to the present promoters who are  fully involved into modern luxury, 
providing the alibi that old age demands more physical comforts, as if He was 
always physically  young.  In a reference,  He told “Yogi never get old”  
At last in a very unhappy mood He said, “I will protect my system from untrue living 
beings  by making them busy in  fulfilling their selfish material objects”.  
“I am very sure my system will be saved and glory of it will ever continue”.   

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