Sahaj-Marg-how would it be Represented.......(in the context of dear Sharad Chandra's talks with Rev.Babuji on 9thOct.'12

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Sahaj-Marg – how would it be Represented

(in the context of dear Sharad Chandra’s talks with Rev. Babuji on

9th October 2012)

Shubh Chintak Kishore

“Sahaj Marg would be represented by the system” – BABUJI

This is what Rev. Babuji has been wanting from the beginning. If looked

dispassionately in retrospect, one would find that whatever He had been doing in

His life time was to demonstrate to the world and establish the efficacy of Sahaj

Marg system introduced by Him. It is a different story that persons through whom

the demonstration was given by Him, mistook themselves to be the real

hero/heroine boasting as highly elevated persons, with ego in them. Had they

understood the experiment in the right earnest and remained attached to Him, they

would have continued to live in those conditions in which they were placed by

Him. After all, the system was given by Him for elevation of human beings only.

No doubt, He did get the efficacy of the system established through His members

because He was Master, but He remained unhappy throughout His life the way

those persons acted after getting those conditions and so the Nature had to act. As


Nature will not allow such persons with those habits and conditions in the zone meant

for elevated and liberated souls.

But alas they missed the bus due to their ego and

ungratefulness to their master ! The further drama staged / being staged by such

persons after His

mahasamadhi , need no further introduction here.

Remember Rev. Babuji saying that

any body by meeting whom the Sahaj Marg

system gets explained, will Represent Him and His founded system – is the

Truth that will hold water for all times


May His Grace continue to shower true/aspirants till the Universe lasts.

New Delhi-110002 (India) Amen


th October 2012

Life is like a sea.

As vast as you imagine; and as deep as you think

Don’t waste time in measuring it, you won’t succeed.

Live in present for doing the best for self and living beings.



10th Oct 2012.

Sharad Chandra

"The most opportune time to have faith in your self is when no one else does."

We often try to understand about life, knowing full well the fact that it is waste as

life is deep like ocean. At last, time gets wasted in anticipating success.

I suggest try our best to live in the present for the object we are born. Birth is

always having a meaning, it may or may not be known. Every one should try to

know the purpose of birth. It may sound difficult but it is not impossible. Important

is to strengthen the strong action considering the next moment as the end of life. It

will attract favorable result. I am sure our living will be changed and peace will

automatically be attracted for which we are always longing.

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking”



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