Two contrary sayings : “Strike when the iron is hot ” and “Make it hot by striking”

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Two contrary sayings :

“Strikewhen the iron is hot ” and “Make it hot bystriking”

ShubhChintak Kishore


World over people have been accustomed to hear the phase ‘Strikewhen the iron is hot’. But Rev. Babuji’s inspiration to dear Sharad Chandra ‘Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking’ is just contrary to the above quoted world famous saying and belief .

I have tried to analyse both the abovesaid quotes with a view to understand the same formyself.

The analysis of the first quote ‘Strike when the iron is hot’ brings out the following points :

i) you keep waiting and remain in readiness for the opportune time;

ii) you do not know how long you may have to wait ;

iii) it is possible that you may not be able to recognize when the opportune time arrives ;

iv) due to inability to take cognizance of the arrival of the right time, one is likely to miss the bus and never know when the opportunity presents itself next;

v) in the waiting period, no action is being taken by you;

vi) it is also quite likely that the life may end before the arrival or the next opportune time; etc., etc.

The analysis of the second quote ‘make it hot by striking’ leads to the following conclusions:

i) you are in action all the time for achievement of your objective and also can well recognize the opportune time;

ii) by constant action, the object is always in view and in the process your will-poweris getting strengthened ; it will get favour as constant remembrance of God Power helps to reach to the fixed object in life.

iii) strengthening of your own will-power will generate positive vibrations ;

iv) positive vibrations and thoughts will create circumstances for the happening of that thing;

v) your will-power will become strong in the process and the desired objective will be realized in the life time;

vi) in this way you can ‘convert impossible’ into‘possible’, etc., etc.

Further,the first quote, ‘Strike when the iron is hot’ has been said by some wise man based on his/her experience of life. The second quote ‘make it hot by striking’, is an inspiration, which means a thought given by Divine. Anything given by Divine is correct beyond any shadow of doubt. Inspiration is a divine thought in few words and not in paragraphs, like praising someone, etc., If something were to be conveyed in detail, it is either through inter-commune fromsome elevated soul or vibrations from Nature. Vibration from Nature are received when there is something most urgent or, some fundamentals are to be brought out, like Vedas. It is for us to ponder over to be able to make the right choice.


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