Unpublished secrets of Nature by Rev. Babuji where kept ?

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Unpublished secrets of Nature by Rev. Babuji – where kept ?
Shubh Chintak Kishore
Rev. Babuji not only founded the efficient Sahaj Marg system, but also left every
details of His system under His own hand, leaving nothing for conjecture or
interpretation by anyone else. Further, He explained the system in detail so that in
future the system itself will serve as a proper guide, instead of any physical guide
guiding people. So He gave every possible explanation about His system. To the
best of my knowledge, I know of no system where the author left his system so full
well explained, with no gap for anyone else to exercise his intellect or imagination
to fill that gap thereby polluting the system either consciously or unconsciously.
Apart from His published literature, the unpublished literature is also equally
wide and valuable . Most of it was in safe boxes, almirah, etc. in the room next to
the puja-room or in office of His haveli. N.S. Rao, who hailed from Tamil Nadu,
was the office assistant at Shahjahanpur, at the registered office of Shri Ram
Chandra Mission which was at His personal residence. Rao was responsible for
safety of Missions documents in his custody records, Rev. Babuji’s correspondence,
etc. With in a short period of His mahasamadhi, practically all the important papers
and documents disappeared – how ?
Many of the important papers, manuscripts, came into Chari ’s possession. Some of
them he purchased and some of them he managed. He also got with him Rev.
Lalaji Saheb’s unpublished literature from His great grand children and grand son.
The ostensible explanation for getting them was that he ( Chari ) would publish
them, but the real idea was to get them under his personal custody and keep them
at some secret place so that they never see the light of the day. Because those were
the literature/writings of the Speical Personality/saint, every word of them was
full of secret/real meaning, power and was original. He thought that his own
writings would be no match to them. So he made all out efforts to get as much of
them as possible. Chari asked Sharad also to give to him for safe custody whatever
original documents he had got and made his son Krishna also to pursuade him. But
dear Sharad never gave him any. He said to Chari that he had promised Rev Babuji
that His writings will never go into wrong hands from his side. He got the clue
that Chari had kept all those things in Germany so that those papers can not fall
into the hands of anyone not liked by Chari and his family ?
Who would not like to print such rare caliber/Personality/ saints’ writings ? But
Chari realized in very clear terms that if these were printed, his writing would
carry on weight. He would not be able to popularize his own writings and books
and would be deprived of invaluable earnings. He never published, to the best of
my knowledge, any valuable unpublished matter of Rev. Babuji and Rev. Lalaji
Saheb. Not only that, when Chari cunningly and forcibly took possession of the
Mission Head-quarter’s Ashram at Shahjahanpur, there were thousand of printed
copies stored there of Rev. Babuji’s diaries (seven volumes, each of which in
thousands) - which were in urdu language and were got converted into Devnagri
script (Hindi language) for mass consumption, all of them were consigned to
flames to prevent its further sale and publicity, under instructions of Chari. These
were the writings which Rev. Babuji had said not to be published in His life
time. What would you like to call such a person !
That is how he has been able to publish his own books thinking him to be master in
English and on spiritual subjects. Not only that, even books on non-existent facts as
given in “whisper from Brighter world” fetched him exhorbitant money above Rs.
10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand) per copy. This fulfilled his unabetting appetite for
money. Rev. Babuji has confirmed, as given out in the past on more than one
occasion, that He gave no inspiration to any French lady, which is the basis of the
writing ‘Whisper from Brighter world’ and further daily whispers coming out. What
an amount of fresh pollution created by Chari – just only for money, his name &
fame . When I took the said book in my hand I had headache, showing the
intrinsic value of the same to me. When the things are normalized, such trash and
spurious literature will have to be withdrawn and destroyed to save further
pollution of innocent minds.
May God make the circumstances so that His invaluable unpublished literature is
retrieved and brought out to enlighten the world about many nature’s secrets.
Delhi Amen
6th October 2012

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