Lack of Awareness about Sahaj Marg Shubh Chintak Kishore

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Lack of Awareness about Sahaj Marg
Shubh Chintak Kishore
Rev. Babuji
repeated this morning that there is general lack of awareness about the
Sahaj Marg system. No doubt abhyasis have propagated Sahaj-Marg, but with their
angle. (3rd October 2012).
As Rev. Babuji tells, people do not have clear cut conception about Sahaj Marg
System. Different twisted versions of Sahaj Marg are circulating. Who is
responsible for it and what is the reason behind it ? Definitely the responsibility of
propagating Sahaj-Marg with a twist largely lies with persons associated with the
Founder – Rev. Babuji, who started propagation after His mahasamadhi. Lot of such
people’s motives can be better judged by their present financial status or of their
very close associates. Several examples are in the knowledge of everyone.
Say, K.C.Narayana house in posh locality at Hyderabad at Banjara Hills, has been
expanded with lavish after His mahasamadhi. Followers have been created by him
by founding a showroom by the name of “Ram Chandra Consciousness” and
making preceptors with different name for dispensing Sahaj-Marg service - seeing
is appreciating the services being rendered there.
Dr. S.P. Srivastava visited Europe more frequently than earlier in Rev. Babuji’s
times, with sponsorship by abhyasis there. There was a cry made by some people
that moneys received by him there were not handed over to the Mission . A
Society was formed by Dr. Srivastava also when he was President of SRCM
Managing Committee after His mahasamadhi, obviously for carrying forward Rev.
Babuji’s message with the help of his followers.
Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari topped the list of the above and many others by
introducing the brilliant idea of ‘Living Master’, encashing abhyasis’ sentiments for
filling physical void created due to His mahasamadhi. The residence at “Gayathri”,
Sri Ram Nagar, Chennai, inherited by Chari from his father, was an ordinary house,
but now see it’s condition - it is an art palace. Where did the money come from ?
Not only that , earlier he used to come to Shahjahanpur from Madras only in IIIrd
class by railways. After manipulating SRCM presidency, travel by air started with
Mission ’s huge funds at his disposal lying at Madras Centre of the Mission . It is
this money which he had refused to transfer to the Head-Quarter even on the
Founder - President Rev. Babuji asking him to remit to Shahjahanpur, like other
Centres did. This is because Chari very well knew that he would badly need large
funds to prove his alleged document which was till then only in his knowledge.
The flow of huge funds in Rev. Babuji and Mission names is further proved by
creation of several private trusts (after presidency), which were not there earlier.
The empteen visits to foreign countries were made by him alone in ‘executive class’,
but if the lone object were propagation of Sahaj Marg, then he alongwith somebody
else both could have travelled in ‘economy’ class, like persons going for promotion
of a public cause, but in that case, it would have marred his real purpose. The post
of ‘Secretary Overseas Centres’, if created by him as required in Paris Declaration,
would have helped in propagation, but not in enhancement of his personal agenda.
The question is why Chari went alone everytime? On the other hand Chari’s
innocent members - both in India and abroad - do not know what is Sahaj Marg
system in reality. They only know Sahaj Marg say, as members of Sahaj Marg club,
because of the way they were told by their Living Master with strict instructions
not to inter-mix with earlier Rev. Babuji’s times abhyasis of SRCM.
Such people have already started undergoing nature’s punishment and some others
are in the line, as Rev. Babuji Maharaj told us. His instructions, therefore, to us –
dear Sharad and myself - are to propagate His Sahaj-Marg system the way He told
and He wants and He has tasked this to be done in our life time.
Delhi Amen
4th October 2012

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