For Correct Guidance in Sahaj-Marg, be Alert and see ifthe one guiding you is, correct.............Shubh Chintak Kishore

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For Correct Guidance in Sahaj-Marg, be Alert and see if
the one guiding you is, correct
Shubh Chintak Kishore
As per my experience of over 47 (forty Seven) years, I find that every thing goes with the
person. As an example, something explained by two persons to the same set of people, will
have different impacts. Reason – difference in the texture of Personality of two persons. If a
person is practicing what he is saying, it will have a different effect than the saying of the
same thing by another person who may be just giving a talk/lecture but not practicing it.
One small story was heard by me long time back. One woman went to a saint along with
her small son. She asked the saint to tell her son that he should not take gur (jagery) . The
saint asked her to come after a week. The woman again went to him after a week with her
child. The saint then asked the child not to take gur. The woman at this said to the saint
that this much could have been told by him even a week before. The saint replied at that
time he himself was taking gur, so how could he tell that to the child because it would have
no effect. So he himself had to leave taking gur first before asking the child not to do so.
The deep meaning of the story was understood by me much later. Likewise, the explaining
of the system of Sahaj-Marg by different persons will have different impacts, assuming that
the same thing is being told by everyone about Sahaj Marg. But the person who is himself
practicing Sahaj Marg with faith and devotion, his/her telling about the system, will have
I am attaching a dialogue in inter-commune by Swami Vivekanand with Rev. Babuji on
17.08.1945 in which he told how the Mission (SRCM) should be run. This is proving
actually relevant in the present day disorder.
Rev. Babuji apart from being the Founder of Sahaj Marg System , practiced everything
which He said . He led a simple life. Throughtout His life He said many a times that
nature is simple and one should try to live parallel to nature if he wanted to be happy. Once
He came to Delhi and after reaching the place where he had to stay, He asked me to bring
the basket containing His hookka (a kind of smoking pipe famous in India) and His
luggage, with the statement that the luggage which appeared most simple and ordingary will
be His only. I could recognize His luggage, being ordinary most . He himself used most
ordinary and simple things eg. pen in His office But when it came to presenting the said
thing to some one, He was graceful. Like, He bought a Mont Blank for me from Germany .
It is also a fact that a person of simple living will be recognized.
Rev. Babuji said on several occasions that in spirituality one has to be alert all the
time, He never missed any instruction of nature even in sleep.
Chari is propagating Sahaj Marg like a business executive - only preaching. In business
personal life is personal, and not to be connected with official work and an office person
can not comment on that. That is why all the persons in the organization created by him
are only members – like member of so and so club, or say Sahaj-Marg club, but none is an
abhyasi. This he himself admitted in his last year’s birthday function at Tirpur. Though
belonging to a poor class family, Chari’s life style can be seen by anyone as most
luxurious. This is unlike Rev. Babuji, who belonged to an aristocratic family, yet His
personal life style was very simple. One of Chari’s rich follower at Delhi had to change his
new car to the latest model as his master would not sit in an earlier model car ! Chari is
said to be free with only persons say above hundred crore worth. Ajai Bhatter, Kamlesh
Patel, being examples, which he himself has shown to the world. I do not ever recollect
any occasion when to me Chari looked simple, which is not to be confused with outwardly
simple dressed persons, many of whom are very complex inside. One has to be on their tip
toes all the time to understood such persons . Altertness is a basic requirement in
spirituality. It is no wonder that Chari has followers who refuse to be alert and do not
exercise their mental faculties, because of which they have in him a Living Master. His
actions are sufficient proof of his intent, if we are alert.
It is Rev. Babuji’s wake –up call to Chari’s followers of Sahaj Marg system to open
their eyes and see for themselves if their Living master is really so, as he is not even
worthy of being called a human being ; when he could not be true to his own Master,
how could he be true to others.
Delhi Amen
Tuesday, the 2nd October 2012

 Love makes everything
smooth. The first thing you do to attract your brethren with your calm and simple habits.
When you reach this point, teach them things on lovely basis. Give them rules to follow,
teach them service of humanity and increase the feelings of brotherhood. Do your duty with
them as a brother, think them as one of your own. Develop in them the feelings of
solemnity and sincerity. Teach them to be sincere with everybody. The best for
…………………………………………………….. On my question on Organisation (as in
original) . Take the example of your respected Guru who never attempted anything unless
he did it for himself. There is a great mistake found in general that the people get others to
do what they cannot do. Such persons are always a failure in their lives.
I want the practical man with good heart and calm habits, to be appointed for Organisation.
I am thoroughly against the theory, as I see the people pressing a certain thing to do, they
are wanting. I advise you to weigh everybody in the spirit of love and sympathy, and
whatever get others to do, do it yourself first. I have given you several warnings to do what
you mean at heart. Never mind if world is against you; never mind if your brothers and
sisters may leave you. Work for the sake of work and be firm, what you do. When we are so
many to give your advice. You need not fear at all. Success will dawn, and dawn, be sure,
sooner or later. I will say again even the Sun may burst upon you and the sky may fall upon
(you), even then do what you will. There are dictates of your Guru for you, for the work and
I know you are not doing them; why this sluggishness, because your Guru does not want to
do it at this time. He is making you and preparing you for some other work.
Success attends those who deserve it. Philosophers after philosophers have come down to
the world and not one of them went without (being) hit, Remember the days of Lord Krishna
who was troubled at all steps. Why you have come, is the question ? My notes are the
answers. Follow rigidly your Lord, if you forget anything to do, consult it again when you
begin it.


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