Impact of Rev. Babujiís message on Readers is as per their mind-set while reading.......Shubh Chintak Kishore

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Impact of Rev. Babuji’s message on Readers is as per their mind-set while reading
Shubh Chintak Kishore
On 28th September two thousand and twelve, dear Sharad just made a simple
statement to Rev. Babuji that at times there occur some delay in bringing out His
instructions/statements to the notice of members of His Mission. In reply, Rev.
Babuji said that with the passing of time, new things keep coming. It did not
matter much what you keep writing. What matters is that when members read
that, say after two days, what is their mind-set then the reception would be
according to that only.
He further said on Saturday the 29th September at 6.00 PM – IST, “ if you keep
preaching  Ramayan* to an ass, you can not make him Pandit”.
Still, we are under direction from Rev. Babuji to continue propagating His views
and instructions for consumption by all members of His mission, though His
message will be understood by them as mentioned above and further only by
person(s) for whom it is meant.
We pray that all readers may get the idea which Rev. Babuji wants to convey so that
it benefits them all.
New Delhi Amen
29th September 2012
*Hindu mythological holy book.

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