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After Rev. Babuji’s mahasamadhi
Shubh Chintak Kishore
The institution of Preceptors created by the Founder of Sahaj-Marg system - Rev.
Babuji was a marevellous thing for the well-being of mankind. But thanks to those
persons who not only made this as their status symbols but further considered this
as a license to them from the Founder to make disciples. In course of time, as is well
known, the system turned into groups of various preceptors and the more they
were praised by the Founder, the bigger was their group. So Rev. Babuji declared
in His life time that there shall be no further preceptors, nor authorized anybody to
prepare any in future.
Some of those who considered themselves as elevated and are still living, like Dr.
S.P. Srivastava, K.C.Narayana, Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari and others, were very
well aware of the above fact, but still they indulged in the unauthorized act of
making preceptors, initiated by Dr. S.P. Srivastava. Looked it from another angle,
there is nobody in the Mission who commands respect of all and whose actions
follow in line with their statements , on whose words members could have
faith. People are not aware of the serious problems already created due to
appointment of namesake preceptors without any power of transmission. For cure
of problems created, even the medical treatment of such namesake preceptors and
those taking sittings from them may be very difficult, if not impossible. In the
circumstances, the sane course could be that at least we await the appointment of
the next duly authorized President of the Mission (SRCM) as per its constitution
and Bye-laws and get benefitted from his views in the matter. This logic, I hope,
will stand to the reasoning by every sensible person.
Today on Sunday the 30th September 2012 at 12.30 afternoon, Rev. Babuji asked that
I should write on this matter, hence this writing.
New Delhi Amen
Impact of Rev. Babuji’s message on Readers is as per their mind-set while reading
Shubh Chintak Kishore
On 28th September two thousand and twelve, dear Sharad just made a simple
statement to Rev. Babuji that at times there occur some delay in bringing out His
instructions/statements to the notice of members of His Mission. In reply, Rev.
Babuji said that with the passing of time, new things keep coming. It did not
matter much what you keep writing. What matters is that when members read
that, say after two days, what is their mind-set then the reception would be
according to that only.
He further said on Saturday the 29th September at 6.00 PM – IST, “ if you keep
preachingRamayan* to an ass, you can not make him Pandit”.
Still, we are under direction from Rev. Babuji to continue propagating His views
and instructions for consumption by all members of His mission, though His
message will be understood by them as mentioned above and further only by
person(s) for whom it is meant.
We pray that all readers may get the idea which Rev. Babuji wants to convey so that
it benefits them all.
New Delhi Amen
29th September 2012
Hindu mythological holy book.

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