Thanks to Chari for becoming cause for my more nearness to Rev. Babuji

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Thanks to Chari for becoming cause for my more nearness to Rev. Babuji
Shubh Chintak Kishore
In my association with Rev. Babuji, Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari, other
preceptors and abhyasis of the Mission , I had gradually started realizing that
in Chari’s talks / statements, there were variations in what he was saying
before Rev. Babuji and after Him before others. I also closely noticed that
whenever he wanted to get something done by abhyasis, his technique was to
tell them “Master wants” and abhyasis would gladly obey what Rev. Babuji
wanted. One such time, on hearing these words addressed to abhyasis, I was
convinced that Rev. Babuji would not have said that. So I enquired from Him
if He has said so. (At this stage I only remember this much, but not the
details) Rev. Babuji replied “No- I did not say so”. So I understood that this
man was not only coward and not simple but hypocrite as well . Thanks to Chari's
behaviour, that made me realize how much Rev. Babuji was already relying
upon me. That drew me still closer to Him.
Rev. Babuji got the decentralization of the organization (SRCM) done through
me by creating Zones and making Zonal Secretaries. This document was
drafted by me in consultation with Prakash Bhai Saheb, His eldest son, in
September 1980. At that time Chari, the Secretary of the Mission , was staying
at the HQ Ashram but Rev. Babuji did not even once talked to him about he
reorganization which He was doing and only sent him the intimation by post.
Likewise, on my suggestion, He created the post of “Secretary Overseas
Centres” in 1981 without any consultation with Chari . Chari was getting
more autocratic and trying to driff Ashram’s working as he liked. These
decentralization moves drastically curtailed his autocratic powers. The last
nail in the coffin was put in February 1982 by Rev. Babuji when He signed the
amendment to the Mission Bye-law & Rules that no person could hold any
office bearer’s post in the Mission for more than 4 (four) years. This affected
only Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari, who had been Secretary of the Mission for
over 15 years. With the signing of this amendment, Chari ceased to be the
Secretary of the Mission . This happened only one day after 1982 Basant
Panchami function when Chari had left for Madras with no inkling to him of
Rev. Babuji’s mind. Rev. Babuji was visualizing things to come. So He asked
me to reconstitute the Mission ’s Working Committee. I put Kodanduraman,
Chari ’s brother, name in that list. Rev. Babuji said “Yeh do no bhai tumko
dikkat kar deinghai” (Both these brothers will create difficulties for you)..
Because of my lack of knowledge about the real character of many people in
the Mission, I put the names of persons in the new working committee list
who appeared to me as devoted, like Mimani , Allahabad advocate and some
others, but who were really double faced- apparently sweet looking but really
different inside, with no impact of Sahaj-Marg on their real character. Chari
could easily win them over later when the need for that arose. It is for
consideration that a person who had gradually lost the confidence of Rev.
Babuji’s and removed from Secretaryship, how could he be nominated by
Rev. Babuji himself as “President in Sahaj-Marg system” i.e. for bigger
position. This is simple question which any layman with little common sense
can understand. In fact, I would not even say a word which may go against
Chari , because when people are ready to be befooled – not applying their
mind – what is the fault of the person who is befooling them? Really, such
followers deserve, such a Living Master only and not the Special Personality of
Rev. Babuji. I may even be prepared to say for that matter, that Chari did not
even make any show of double standards. He only exhibited his true
qualities, made no hiding of that and people accepted him at that. The only
regret is that Chari does not appear to have any sincere person with him who
can suggest him to be frank and open with Rev. Babuji or God at this last leg
of his life to save himself from the rigour of “Divine Punishment”. I would
again say “May God give him wisdom”
23rd September 2012

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