(A) Silent Blessings of Saint are invaluable than His praises.......(B ) Blessed are those whom He did not Praise........Shubh Chintak Kishore

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(A) Silent Blessings of Saint are invaluable than His praises

Shubh Chintak Kishore

In Rev. Babuji’s times there were many abhyasis whose talks about Him were so
impressive as to leave others convinced that they were really lucky and ready to
do anything for the Master. Out of such persons, many were referred to by other
abhyasis as persons of very high approaches. A few of them had proof of their
elevated positions because of their writings in those stages and Rev. Babuji’s
comments thereon. These were further confirmed by the Master who praised
them in gatherings – large and small both. On the other hand, there were also
simple, ordinary abhyasis who did not boast about Rev. Babuji. Neither Rev.
Babuji ever praised them either in public or in private. Such persons were,
however, in dire minority. In private conversation He had said that in any
institution there were only one or two such persons. The above two statement –
people talking very high about Him and Rev. Babuji’s praising them - appeared
very rosy. On the other hand, for those simple looking persons, Rev. Babuji did
not ever say a word in praise . But strangely, lot many people realized such
persons’ importance in the eyes of Master, even though Master did not ever
utter a word in their praise.
Surprisingly, in no time after His physical veiling in 1982, such persons who
were all out in praise for Rev. Babuji, withered away as darkness disappears with
rising of the sun. Prominent amongst them being Dr S.P. Srivastava who
launched his own Society, K.C.Narayana who opened his own show-room for
spreading His consciousness amongst people, Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari who
went ahead of others and managed to catch-hold of Shri Ram Chandra Mission’s
reins itself through an alleged document which he choose to describe Rev.
Babuji’s nomination to him as “President of Sahaj-Marg System”, besides so
many others who started operating their societies, trusts, etc., largely
synonymous with Rev. Babuji’s or Mission’s name and busy in generating
money power, name and fame. These are all those people about whom Rev.
Babuji had praised at one time or the other.
On 26th September at 7.00 PM (IST) Rev. Babuji told in some context that He
praised only those persons whom He knew that they would prove to be black-
sheep in future but never brought to light those who were sincere to Him as
they needed no praise.
When we see the past in the backdrop of the above revealing words of Rev.
Babuji, one finds how literally true the revelation is ! After His mahasamadhi, all
the talked of elevated persons along with their followers, practically abandoned
Rev. Babuji as for them He was dead and gone for ever. Chari as head of SRCM
got him accepted as the Living Master, who alone would rescue his followers,
instead of Rev. Babuji. But it is strange that when he is practically blind, as he
himself says, and unfit to move, he is asking for his death and help from his dead
and gone master. Why not he helps himself as he is Living Master, like Rev.
Babuji never asked for anybody’s help while He was living. As Rev. Babuji tell
us that Chari is begging for death, but the Nature is not giving it as he has to
witness many more things.
We have formed a society under His directions and given the name as provided
by Him “Society for Babuji’s mission” to promote His mission of making Sahaj
Marg as the way of life worldover. The object behind is that when every thing
will be streamlined in SRCM, this society will be merged with SRCM.
See, the Eternal-fire never extinguishes. As per law of Nature, selected ones will
come up at the opportune time to establish this fact and show to the world at
large that the Eternal-fire is still burning !
Sharad and myself are very lucky that Rev. Babuji chose us amongst His crowd
of intellectuals, to be the torch bearer of His – Light, which will illuminate the
hearts of people world over. May His Grace ever remain illuminating us.
New Delhi
28th September 28, 2012
(B ) Blessed are those whom He did not Praise
Shubh Chintak Kishore
There has been a few abhyasis in Rev. Babuji’s time of His physical existence on
this earth, on whom He did not ever shower His praise – neither in public nor in
private . On discussion they said that they did not ever feel the need for the
same, as they believed that being with a great Personality, as far as they could
perceive in their experience, was in itself a great reward.
Rev. Babuji also did not say anything about them because He was sure of the
Nature’s power and all that HE had bestowed upon such persons eg. I know
about myself and dear Sharad. Once He said to me “Tum ko nahin malum
tumhari kis baat se khush ho kar hamene tum ko kiya dey diya, yeh tum phir
bhi hansil kar saktey ho, lekin time lagega” ( You do not knew – what thing in
you had pleased me and what I gave you, you can achieve that, but time it will
take). To dear Sharad, He said in Paris in August 1982 “you will be the most
powerful person” but He did not think it necessary to explain what powers He
had bestowed upon him on account of which he will be the most powerful
We take it a matter of pride in doing things as per His directions and guidance so
that His Grace ever remains with us. May God continue it till we are physically
existing on the earth.
New Delhi
29th September 2012

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