27th Sep 2012 at 3.40 am. Conversation with Rev. Babuji Maharaj Sharad Chandra

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27th Sep 2012 at 3.40 am. Conversation with Rev. Babuji Maharaj
Sharad Chandra
Sharad : Babuji, why you selected Kishoreji and myself to work for your
Babuji : Hamara dil tumlogon per bhrosa karta hai.
[My heart believes you people ]
Sharad : Do you think we shall always remain your trust worthy?
Babuji : Etney test aur intajar karne ke bad hi hamne bharosa
(After tests and waiting only, I have relied ]
Sharad : What service do you expect from us?
Babuji : Hamarey mission ko sahi tarhey sey batana hai .
[My mission to be told in the right way ]
Sharad : Why is it required?
Babuji : Agar hamare mission ko sahi tarhey sey nahin bataya
gaya to iska ghalat asar hoga.
[My mission if not correctly explained to practice it shall give negative
effect ].
“Because people had explained in their own way adding their selfish
material objects, which effects My mission’s reputation ”.
For example, Rev. Babuji Maharaj stopped preparing preceptors as He
realized that most of them presented themselves as guru (master), so He
never authorized anyone to prepare after His physically leaving the
world. But many popularly known people and even others started giving
permission to establish their supremacy.
I am sure no one is aware of the technique that He was using to prepare
preceptors. I can observe the negative effect on involved persons, which
any ordinary person can also observe through the quality of
understanding of members. If we had understood His mission in the way
He meant, His mission would have been in a much better state.

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