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Shubh Chintak Kishore
We – dear Sharad any myself - have been writing under instructions and
guidance of Rev. Babuji Saheb. Barring a very few who like to be excused, we
have not received any adverse comments from any reader whom we have
been communicating. This goes to show that the readers agree with our
writings. Even for argument, if it were said that some of them do not agree
with the views expressed by us, to such of them we would only say let them
write what is correct as per them or write what is incorrect according to them.
Even if they were not able to write what was correct or incorrect, they can at
least make corrections in what we have written. We would be awaiting their
reactions in any of the above alternatives ?
If none of the above alternatives were adopted by any of our readers, then the
only consideration left with us would be that whatever has been said, was
admitted by all and that our writings were only correct, leaving no room for
In fact, the best and the only person to comment is Parthasarthi
Rajagopalachari, as he alone knows the correct facts. He is the person who
plays the cards single - handed and in such situation - comments by anyone
else are meaningless. May God give him wisdom
24th September 2012
Sharad – Rev. Babuji’s Trainee Administrator
Shubh Chintak Kishore
It is just over 30 years – three decades – when in the middle of August 1982,
Rev. Babuji told me to convey to Prakash Bhai Saheb, His eldest son, who was
standing nearby me, that Sharad is his son, but the training would be His.
Rev. Babuji used to say that if He liked, He could transmit any condition to
anyone anytime, but time it would take to mature. And since then much
water has flown down the Ganges. Sharad who was then just about 20 years
or so, is now a matured and well seasoned grown-up person above 50 years of
age. I met him somewhere in October 2010 or so at Hyderabad after over 28
(twenty eight) years, with some grey hairs on his head, slightly darker in
complexion than what I used to see him at Shahjahanpur, but with well built
and well maintained body and commanding voice. In fact, when I heard him
over telephone in September 2010, first time after the long gap, I literally felt as
if Rev. Babuji was speaking. It had delighted me immensely that I was
hearing the voice, which I thought I would never hear physically. In
arguments at first you may not like to agree with him, but when he advances
the arguments in favour of his statement, you will find yourself choiceless at
the end and will have to agree with him. Rev. Babuji used to say that ‘ when I
have to discuss with you, I have to be alert’ and “Nobody can overtake
you”. One example, in some discussion, Rev. Babuji said ‘you have to respect
elders’. Sharad said, it was right, but elders must also behave like elders.
Suppose I respect some elder because he is Your abhyasi but suppose he does
not respect You, then how can I continue to respect him only because he is
elder to me. On this Rev. Babjui said “‘that is what I say, it is difficult to
overtake you”. I have seen on many occasions that dear Sharad’s thinking is
very far-sighted. He is the only other person in the Mission, who has the
power of inter-commune with Rev. Babuji. I have often seen prompt replies to
questions which were agitating us at times. Rev. Babuji saying to him after
transmitting the power at Paris (France) in August 1982 that you will be the
most powerful person. One day the world will recognize his stature. He
stands only for fulfilling Rev. Babuji Maharaj’s mission of propagating
Sahaj-Marg the way of life world over.
25th September 25, 2012

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