“Buying Peace” and “Having Peace” Shubh Chintak Kishore

Posted On Thursday, September 27, 2012 | 5:54:17 PM

“Buying Peace” and “Having Peace”
Shubh Chintak Kishore
Peace has been one thing which has been sought after by all the people world over
from times immemorial., and continues to be so even to-day. Rather, its significance
has increased manifold in the present day conditions. Money power has assumed
different dimensions. It is good one way, as we have more and better means of
physical comforts, better communication skill, techniques, better travel facilities, etc.
If used properly, these give more time to a person than enjoyed by people earlier. The
spare time created by these facilities is being used for further generation of money
power. This way the greed for more time, more facilities, more money power never
comes to a halt – it is ever insatiable. Thus, inspite of increased facilities, the ‘ inner’
continues to remain hungry and it too craves for its food. The lack of food for the
‘inner’ drives people to sleepless nights, high blood pressure, heart problems and even
compel them to commit suicides, who otherwise from worldly angle, are very ‘welloff
In the search for peace, people come across several persons who are selling peace.
Their techniques and systems appeal to our ‘external’ senses. And lots of time, we fall
prey to them. If one technique which we happen to buy, fails to satisfy the ‘inner’
search for its food , we search for another technique/system and buy that and try that
for some time. After sometime, the changed techniques still remain short of the
“inner’s” expectation of food for itself. In the process the time for the present life
cycle reaches its end. Thus, inspite of our continous efforts to buy peace, we are
not having lasting peace.
As per my experience, ‘everlasting peace’ is residing only inside. It needs no efforts
to buy it. As per the law of nature, things are simple, but we only make it
complicated. The means to attain lasting peace is also simple as it is inside. We have
only to know the technique to invoke it, which again is simple. The system which is
perpendicular system can only succeed in this matter. And perpendicular which means
shortest and shortest is only one. There cannot be two shortest. The other could be
shorter but not shortest. Our research is only for that and it lies at hand.
By my Master’s grace, I have been practicing that perpendicular system for over four
and a half decades. Any one who is desirous for having lasting peace can try it and
realize for himself its efficacy.
New Delhi (India)
25th September 2012 (11.50 A.M. – IST)

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