WAQT KI HAR SHAI GHULAM (Everything Slave to Time)- dictation by Rev.Babuji to Sharad Chandra.

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(Everything is Slave to Time)

(The above title has been given by Rev. Babuji on 16th September 2012, and
is, therefore, being written under his directions and guidance)

Everything in the world is a tool of nature’s Time cycle. Accordingly, life
also keeps moving all the time. To-day what is at the climax, is bound to
go down some day in future as per the said law of nature. Individuals,
families, societies, Kingdoms, nations rise as per their time and also come
to a fall as per the turn of Time cycle.
I keep myself confined to the observations/study of individuals only, with
a view to be able to understand this phenomenon – nature’s
un-surmountable law properly. If we take individual and observe him/her
closely we get valuable data, which can guide us to understand things
better. But if we see individual as part of family or group, then we get
only a generalized idea/data or information. One example, I refer to a
person who was of ordinary status. He conceived the idea of building flats
opposite the Ashram building. He developed a colony and named it as
‘Garden of heart’. Each flat there is quite costly and that person earned
very handsome fortune from that project to the extent that he was
reportedly financing film industry also. He was at his zenith at one time
with bolstered ego. But time’s cycle keeps moving for everyone. The time
took its natural turn and that person, lost his money and fame and reached
an ordinary person’s status. If we analyze him, we may get very valuable
tips for taking precautions against avoidable risks of life. Circumstances
bring him/her up and likewise also bring them down.
There is another example of a person well known to us. When he came to
Rev. Babuji, he was an ordinary person. All the way from down South, he
used to come to Shahjahanpur in bath-room sleepers. He was made
Secretary of Rev. Babuji’s mission
known as Shri Ram Chandra Mission
situated at Shahjahanpur.
He moved with Rev. Babuji to various places in
India and overseas and rose to prominence. He got elevation in his office
job too. The ego kept mounting attended with natural associates which
will become instrumental in the downfall to keep the Time cycle taking in
its stride. Gradually in course of time Chari reached a level where he
thought through his manipulative power that he has become indispensible
for the Mission. One day he was removed from the position of the Mission
’s Secretaryship.
Time again favoured him and through his manipulative
mechanism, he managed to become the Mission ’s Acting President after
the mahasamadhi of its Founder President. His prime weapon has been
white lies but so coloured and presented that it sounded and appeared
truth. Another secret, is that he starts and plays any game alone, leaving
no trace or witness to that, but makes people follow him. But every lie and
secret has its own life time, it is never for all times. He built monetary
political empire worldover, keeping all secrets to his chest. The time cycle
has taken its turn. Now he is confined at one place, practically become
blind, as he himself wrote, with many things awaiting Time’s turn for
unfolding themselves.

Same way in Spirituality as well, Rev. Babuji gave conditions and
approaches to various abhyasis. He placed many of them in Brahmand
Mandal (Region)
and a few others even in Central Region. They
experienced conditions of those regions. Since all of them had not earned
those conditions and approaches on their own merits, law of Time cycle
came to be applied to them. Circumstances for their downfall began to be
created. Each one of them started making their own group – small or big –
of their admirers and followers. They started appeasement of those
persons as their mini-guru. Ego fast started catching them, making firm in-
roads into their system and soon they all came under the grip of ego, which
is a sure ladder for downfall. The Time cycle brought all of them on the
ground even below the stage they were when they started Sahaj-Marg
practise. A few such dignitaries now present based on talk with Rev.
Babuji –Srv Sri K.C.Narayana, Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari, Dr. S.P.
Srivastava and many others. Time leaves none.
Rev. Babuji told that in nature for happening of anything, time is needed
for making of circumstance for that purpose. I think this is true for every
thing may be improvement/making or destruction. He disclosed that
Lord Krishna had finished Mahabharat in His vision 18 years before it
actually happened. The making of circumstances took time.
He said
sometimes some persons take more than thousand years before they are
reborn. Time is required for the making of circumstances in which they
will be re-born. As per Rev. Babuji manifestation of the Universe is also
play of Time.

21st September 2012

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