Last Coversation with Rev.Babuji at Paris(France) in August and September 1982 berfore His mahasamadhi- Sharad Chandra

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Last conversation with Rev. Babuji Maharaj at Paris (France) in August
and September 1982 before His mahasamadhi

14th Aug 2012
Sharad Chandra
During the morning meditation today at 3.40am, I was remind of the
words spoken by Rev. Babuji Maharaj at Paris around the same Indian
Babuji; “What all I am telling you regarding My mission (object) and
about popularly known members, never hesitate to make it public. I trust
your boldness; it is important and is required to fulfill my mission
Sharad; All these popularly known members of SRCM are quite elder to
me in age, how to say your opinion about them?
Babuji; Spirituality is bold and independent, it has no connection with
physical age. It rewords or punishes as per the actions. I am opening many
secrets before you with the belief that it will reach all deserving
considered through you.
Most painful happening at Paris; Few Danish abhyasi came to meet Rev.
Babuji Maharaj and told Him, “Babuji, if you declare this Paris declaration we
will leave the mission”, He was not happy hearing this, He looked at me and
I immediately requested Him to permit me to reply them He permitted
and I told them if you want to leave the mission, please do that and get out
from the room, but the Declaration will be made. After they had left,
Babuji said to me “why Chari planted this way and made people to talk like this
to me” . I said because Chari wants to take your position, he is looking for
and waiting for impossible position. Please punish him, He waited for
some time and said nature will punish him during his last living days.
Recently, when I came to know about Chari’s physical condition, I
remembered His said words; now nature has started taking its part.
His talks with me showed that He was well aware of future planning of
Chari and that is why He has mentioned every thing in Paris declaration.
Since Chari was not happy with Declaration, so he started convincing
people to oppose it. In reality, it in no way concerns members, it affects
only untrue office bearers. My observation confirms that all his work is
against His wish which is defaming His created mission.

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