Before fixing the opinion about us, keep your self in our position,16th AUG2012-Shubh Chintak Kishore and Sharad Chandra

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Before fixing the opinion about us, keep your self in our position
16th Aug 2012
Shubh Chintak Kishore and Sharad Chandra

We are sure that our truth based writings are not providing happiness to the
readers. It is always difficult to express and get appreciation from involved
living beings; as it requires special blessing of God. “Truth can be spoken by
those who do not have fear of death”
We would like to suggest all our readers that before forming any opinion about
us after reading our writings, please keep yourself in our position. We are sure if
you honestly analyze our writings, you too may start hating the present selfish
actions of Chari. Because none of his actions are for the common benefit to the
best of our knowledge and belief, for example printed spiritual material is so
expensive, which cannot be afforded by common members, apart from food and
staying which are also on payment basis, Rev. Babuji Maharaj used to treat
abhyasis as His guests and feed them free of cost and that is when the Mission
was not having so much money as it is to-day.
On the conditions of today, I give a simile
“In 1944 when I went to Madras, I saw the conditions of persons who were
being converted by missionaries. I was requested by certain high personalities
to stay at Madras for few more day to save the humanity”
We also feel similar conditions of members today. Innocent people need to be
saved from exploitation from the material temptation being given to them
which attracts very fast but detaches from originality.
During physical living of Rev Babuji Maharaj, we had observed that abhyasis
used to be busy in spiritual acts/talks and sharing their experiences. Atmosphere
used to be charged with His Power; but now we always felt people are busy in
discussing about business and material gain. This is the basic difference we felt
during His time and now.
Most of the present members are new to the system and the Mission. Due to their
very limited exposure to the reality, they may not be happy with our writings
may be because of hearing, reading or believing the reality as they have accepted
from the worth-less self styled master.
Very soon you all will appreciate our explained truth. It may take little time to
understand and believe, but soon day will force you to believe. “Hiding the
reality is not possible for longer period. Truth waits for the right time to burst

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