Paris Declaration-It's backgroundand Importance- Shubh Chintak Kishore

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Shubh Chintak Kishore
To-day it is exactly 30 years when Rev. Babuji signed the “Paris
Declaration” at His residence at Dewan Jograj in Shahjahanpur (UP –
India) . The said document was to be read at Paris ( France ) in the
gathering of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur, abhyasis who
will be assembling there from all over the world to see their beloved
After Rev. Babuji’s programme for visiting Paris was finalized in the
beginning of the year 1982, one day at Shahjahanpur . I said to Him
that great Personalities visit to some place or attending to some
programme/occasion have usually been marked by performing
certain commemorative things/acts, which are always remembered
in future and remind & inspire the people, like Lord Rama’s presence
in South is reminded by His visit to Lord Shiva temple at
Rameshwaram. So I made a humble request to Him if His visit to
Paris in August 1982 (AD) could also be marked by His message to
humanity which may be called ‘Paris Declaration’. He agreed to my
suggestion. I was thrilled by the idea that my Master’s message
given by Him to humanity from a country abroad would go down as
a historic event in the annuls of spiritual history.
Further, request was, therefore, made by me to Him to give guiding
directions for preparation of His message for the Paris declaration.
He gave certain salient features which should form part of the
message with the direction to me that I should develop those ideas in
consultation with Prakash, His eldest son, who was an Advocate and
an expert in drafting.
Accordingly, a draft was prepared as per His directions and put up
to Him for consideration. He suggested certain changes and
improvements in the same. With those fresh directions, necessary
amends and additions were made in that draft with due consultation
with Prakash Bhai Saheb. I remember when Bhai Saheb was
dictating the matter, I used to feel as if the words were coming out
from Rev. Babuji’s Divine mouth. Finally, the declaration was
written in fair handwriting by me on white paper and put up to Him
for signature. He heard it very carefully and then put up His hand to
the Paris Declaration on 15th day of August 1982. It was His direction
to keep the document secret till it was read at Paris . Printing of the
declaration was done at Delhi under my directions and sent to Paris
along with Rev. Babuji. Maintaining its secrecy thereafter was not in
my control.
Stating as preamble that humanity was one and power for human
evolution will flow from His place in India - He gave the road map
for its propagation throughout the world. It is a document for
organizational step-up and propagation of the Sahaj Marg System
Founded by Him.
The ‘Paris Declaration’ did not suit Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari.
He opposed it at Paris and reportedly excited abhyasis from abroad
against it. Dear Sharad who was with Rev. Babuji all the time at
Paris, has been very recently instructed by Him to disclose the
activities of Chari in this regard at Paris for awareness of abhyasis as
the time for that has now arrived. Dear Sharad, would, therefore, be
writing separately on this subject. Chari’s activities while working as
Acting President of the Mission, are a witness that he did not follow
Paris Declaration.
May the glory of my Master – Rev. Babuji’s – shine and illuminate the
hearts of true seekers of humanity all over the world till this universe
New Delhi
15th August 2012 AMEN

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