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29th 29,May, 2017 
Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality Unveiled) 
Approved Guide for Sahaj Marg System 
Shubh Chintak Kishore 
During  the celebration of Rev.  Babuji’s   Birthday  function at Surat  (Gujarat)  on 30th  April 1982,  I.R.K  Raizada,  as Secretary to the President,  made an announcement while Rev.  Babuji  was present there.   "The announcement was that Rev.  Babuji had selected a young boy of 19 years  for His training".  
Dear Sarvesh Chandra,  Rev. Babuji’s  youngest son,  in the book published by him  the title of which means in close association with Rev. Babuji,  mentions that sister Kasturi asked him to confirm from Rev.  Babuji ,
if ,He had selected Sharad Chandra ,then 19 years old.  Though  the announcement by Raizada did not give any name,  but people there in close association with Rev. Babuji, could make their guess work.  So did Sister Kasturi,  her choice falling on only one person, viz., Sharad. 
 Dear Sarvesh goes to write in his book that he accordingly  enquired from Rev. Babuji about sister Kasturi’s  question and as he mentions in the book,  Rev.  Babuji said 'yes' in answer to his question. 
In August 1982, before Rev. Babuji left for Paris (France) on 26th/27th of that month,  He asked me to call His eldest son Prakash Chandra and told me in his presence to convey to him that although  Sharad is his son,  but training will be His .  On my conveying this message  to Prakash Bhai Saheb,  he said that ' there could be nothing better than this '.  
I am the only living witness to Rev.  Babuji Maharaj’s   statement  of  selecting dear Sharad for training by Him.  
I have been seeing dear Sharad from Rev. Babuji’s  days and I can  well realise the impact of Rev.  Babuji’s   training on him in so far as it can be seen from outside behaviour,  speech, writings, etc.  
He enjoys the privilege  of direct inter-commune with Him at any time,  and I have been  co-relating  His advice in inter-commune as most appropriate in those circumstances.  
This keeps happening every day and Dear Sharad is also writing from time to time the details of Rev.  Babuji directions for general informations  -  whether people  believe or not is their look out,  but it does not take away His truth of the fact.  
Time is not far off when people will realise the efficacy of approved  guide’s  views on Sahaj Marg.  
The best thing is that even now we   get authentic clarification  from Rev. Babuji Maharaj through  Dear Sharad Chandra .  
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Regular practice of Sahaj Marg System for 30 days will help us to decide why regular practice is important.

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