Paris Declaration-August,1982

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PARIS DECLARATION is the last document signed by the Founder
of Sahaj Marg System and the First President of Shri Ram Chandra
Mission – Rev. Babuji Maharaj. This document shows His directions
how the Sahaj Marg System should be propagated and the future
organizers managing the affairs of the Mission will be required to
adhere to His direction.
A copy of the Paris Declaration is being given below for information.
17th September 2012
WE ARE ALL ONE ‘Sahaj Marg’ is for integration. When
we have studied the pros and cons of the Mission, we hope
to read the real sense of discipline necessary. Both sides
are visible but there is some flaw and that can be easily
removed provided we have the Mission in heart and not in
mind alone and that people are having . What remains is
the thought to be manifested before the general view.
There are many curvatures coming in the way as obstacles
like bubbles in the water which can be removed very easily
because power is working behind you, of which we have
the least knowledge.
2. Co-operation is the life of coming events also but if they are
wavering they will be wasting power.
3. We are united in a common cause keeping towards proper
order for the good of man and humanity.
4. Keeping the ideal that service is better than served the Shri
Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur, is there to serve the
humanity in which we all are going to be woven in a
uniform pattern discipline.
5. In view of the growing need of the spirituality and the
trend flowing from the Nature, it was thought necessary
that the entire Mission’s Organisation be knit in a unified
strong set up.
6. (a) Therefore, in the first instance, it was thought
imperative to express India in various zones, each zone
largely consisting of more than one state of the country,
and is represented through a person designated as ‘Zonal
Secretary’, appointed by the President of the Mission to
work for the good of the people as well as to carry out
instructions and directions from him in the service of the
humanity. Each training centre of the Mission is having a
‘Centre in-charge’ or ‘Organiser’ and is placed
organizationally to work under the Zonal Secretary,
working for the welfare and development of the persons as
per instructions and directions of the President.
6. (b) The Zonal Secretary is to supervise the working of the
Mission’s work placed in his zone and create co-ordination
amongst the Headquarters, the Preceptors and the Centresin-
charge together with the Organisers appointed.
6. (c) All the centres in India are governed by “Shri Ram
Chandra Mission Financial Accounting and Procedural
Rules, 1981”. The Zonal Secretary, in addition to other
duties, has to see that the said rules with the other
instructions and rules made by the Mission or the orders
given by the President are fully implemented and complied
7. (a) It is observed that by the hard pursuit of our abhyasis
in the countries overseas, the Mission has already spread
over. It also requires a set up in uniformity with India to
be knit up firmly and strongly. So it is again expedient that
such organizational touches be also given to those centres.
By now in the countries overseas the Centres are divided
countrywise with one preceptor called “Centre-in-charge”
for the entire country, who co-ordinates various centres in
that country. Some of the overseas centres have got a
status of a registered and independent unit under the local
laws of that land. In this way the abhyasis of such centres
took organizationally to the locally registered units, and for
spirituality towards the Shri Ram Chandra Mission at
Shahjahanpur. All this makes abhyasis conscious of their
own natural identity carrying in mind the traces of
controversial, Racial, linguistic and other prejudices. This
not only comes in the way of spiritual development but
also in the healthy development of human personality,
integration, Co-operation, harmony, humanity, universal
brotherhood and true relationship. The training centres
created in India or abroad are really meant to carry the
message of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur to
the largest number of human beings living in the world.
The centres, if registered, are only echoes of Shri Ram
Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur.
(b) The overseas centres, though appear to be working
with full enthusiasm, but still it has become incumbent to
strengthen them.
8. In the Basant message given on 30th January 1982, it was
said :
“ We are all brethren connected intellectually, morally and
spiritually – the main goal of human life. This and that
have gone now. There remains the purity alone in all His
work and environment which weaves the spiritual destiny
of the persons with the ultimate.
9. In view of the above growing need of the Mission and to
bring about uniformity
(i) It is only natural to do away with position of “Centrein-
charge for the Country” and instead there will be
“Centre-in-charge” or “Organiser” for various centres
abroad giving them the full opportunity to work in
the centre and thus to gain spirituality.
(ii) the entire world for purposes and working of the
Mission is expressed into zones, largely taking each
continent as the basis.
(iii) the Headquarters for all the centres abroad as well as
in India shall be at Shahjahanpur and all will be
governed by the same.
(iv) Appropriate financial, accounting & procedural rules
along with the other rules, necessary keeping into
consideration the local laws of the land shall be
framed by the President for implementation by
overseas centres also.
10. I, as the Founder President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission,
find it expedient to declare as under -
10.1 That the entire world is expressed into seven major zones.
No. 1 : Countries of entire Europe, United Kingdom,
No. 2 : Countries of North America
No. 3 : Countries of South America
No. 4 : Countries of African continent including Arab
No. 5 Countries of Asia and its neighbourhood (other
than India)
No. 6 : INDIA
No. 7 : Countries in the neighbourhood of Australia
and Australia
10.2. That for the present, there would be eight working zones
overseas consisting of countries as noted below :
Zone no. 1 a - France, Spain and Italy
Zone no. 1 b - Ireland, United Kingdom and
Zone no. 1 c- Denmark, Federal Republic of
Germany & Switzerland
Zone no. 2 a - United States of America
Zone no. 2 b - Canada
Zone no. 4 a - South Africa, Republic of Malagasy
and Nigeria
Zone no. 5 a - Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka
Zone no. 5 b - Nepal , Bhutan
The training centres of the Mission falling in the countries noted
above, shall organizationally be under the purview of the
respective Zones as indicated earlier.
10.3. That every working zone shall be represented through a
person designated as ‘Zonal Secretary’.
10.4. That each Zonal Secretary shall perform the following
duties : -
(i) to watch the activities of the centres under his charge
and work for its smooth running and working;
(ii) to look after the development of the Mission’s
activities and take such steps as are necessary for its
progress in consultation with the Head quarters;
(iii) to assist in the general working of the Mission in the
zone and promote brotherly relationship amongst the
abhyasis within the zone and nearby ;
(iv) to maintain co-ordination and co-operation between
the centres in his zone and the Head-quarters and
with other zones of the Mission ;
(v) to maintain discipline in the centres of the zone in the
light of ‘Sahaj Marg’ with a view to create fellowfeeling
and harmony all round ;
(vi) to see that the financial, accounting & procedural
rules framed for overseas/Indian centres are properly
followed and observed ;
(vii) to report the entire activities of his zone to the
President regularly once a month at least ;
(viii) to bring to the notice of the President any activity or
development prejudicial to the interest of the Mission;
(ix) the Zonal Secretaries may for the development and
achievement of the objects of the Mission can make a
joint sitting and discuss amongst themselves the
above aspects concerning the Mission with the
permission of the President. The minutes of such
meeting shall be communicated to the President ;
(x) to look to the compliance of various orders of the
10.5 That the Zonal Secretaries will
a) Carry out all functions necessary in discharge of the
above duties ;
b) reimburse to himself the expenses incurred by him in
discharge of the above duties out of the Mission’s
funds, as decided by the President from time to time ;
c) Obtain prior approval of the President for organizing
functions at the Zonal level.
10.6. That the Zonal Secretaries shall be under the direct charge
of the President.
10.7. That the ‘Secretary Overseas Centres’ of the Mission shall
not only co-operate but co-ordinate the working and the
activities of all the overseas zonal secretaries and report
directly to the President.
10.8. That the Zonal Secretaries shall send copies of their
monthly reports to the ‘Sectreary’ of the Mission also and
in the case of Zonal Secretaries overseas to the ‘Secretary
Overseas Centres ‘ as well.
10.9. That the Zonal Secretaries overseas will send to the
‘Secretary Overseas Centres’ with an advance copy to the
President their suggestions and matters for decision for
forwarding the same to the President with his comments.
10.10. That the centres and zones have been created for
organizational and administrative convenience keeping
the future of the Mission in view, but within the rules and
(i) abhyasis from one centre/zone can go into another
centre/zone for work for fulfillment of the ideals of
the Mission ;
(ii) each preceptor can work in any other centre with due
consultation and cooperation in the real sense with
the preceptor concerned;
(iii) all abhyasis have to work for the cause of the Mission
avoiding incursions; each one should try to have good
(iv) to propogate the true ideals of the Mission in the
world, it is necessary that the quality of man should
be preferred compared to the quantity;
10.11.That the President of the Mission will exercise full control
on all centres of the Mission in all respects .
11. This document shall be known as ‘PARIS DECLARATION’
and shall come into force from the First Day of September.
One Thousand Nine Hundred & Eighty Two ( 1- 9- 1982) .
This shall be read over before the gathering of all the
abhyasis of ‘Sahaj Marg’ present on the 29th day of August
1982, the main function day at Paris (France). The Secretary
Overseas Centres Shri K.V.Reddy will report to the
Headquarters of its having been done so.
Shahjahanpur, (U.P.) (sd) Ram Chandra
INDIA President
15th August 1982 Shri Ram Chandra Mission.

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