Paris Declaration- its meaning with particular ref. to India & Management of Oversaes Centres

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with particular reference to
CA Shubh Chintak Kishore

PARIS DECLARATION is the last document signed in His life time by the
Founder of Sahaj Marg System, its Master and First President - Rev. Babuji
Saheb in August 1982. In this Declaration He has laid down in quite detail
how He wants Shri Ram Chandra Mission to propagate, organize His
Sahaj-Marg system. He also gave directions through the declaration in the
matter of discipline, accountability and the shape of organization for the
future organizers to adhere to while managing the affairs of the Mission.
He declared in very clear and unambiguous language that Shahjahanpur
(India) shall be the spiritual centre for the entire world

From organizational aspect, He divided the world in various zones,
basically continent-wise, India being one Zone by itself (Zone – 6). Groups
of countries, considering their location and size, were placed in various
Sub-zones of a bigger zone, like Zone 1-a, Zone 1-b, Zone 2-a, Zone – b and
like that.

Considering the legal requirements of any overseas country or countries,
the Shri Ram Chandra Mission may be registered there as a separate legal
entity just for fulfillment of the requirements of that country or countries.
He felt that this, however, may not have good effect, looking to rivalries
and jealousies between nations. So, as Founder of the system, He declared
that such separate entity/entities shall only be organizational
platform(s), but for spiritual needs, power and progress, they would be
fully dependent upon Shahjahanpur only,
as such units are only echoes
of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur. Clarifying further the
intentions of the Founder in the matter, as the person who drafted the
Paris Declaration, that for fulfillment of spiritual needs, such entities are
only resound of the main sound of Shahjahanpur Mission(SRCM),
meaning no spiritual powers are with them as such, but they are registered
only to meet the legal requirements of any country/countries.

Each Zone/Sub-zone in all places will be headed by a person called ‘Zonal
For overseas zones, there will be one more person who will be
called ‘Secretary Overseas Centres’ who will co-ordinate the activities of
various overseas zones and will be under the direct command of the
President, Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur (India).

Further, a Manual for the Mission for accounting rules and procedure was
framed and signed by the Founder President in the year 1981, called “ Shri
Ram Chandra Mission Accounting Rules and Procedure, 1981”. Specific
mention about this has been made by Him in the Paris Declaration, with
the words of wisdom from Lord Buddha that accounting mis-management
had been one of the causes for the downfall of Buddhism, He specifically
stated about making of suitable rules and procedures for all overseas zones
in line with the above said 1981 rules & procedures, keeping in view the
regulations of each country in this regard.

Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari acting as Interim Caretaker - President
of Shri Ram Chandra Mission was duty bound to follow the directions
of the Founder President, as enshrined in the Paris-Declaration.
In his
visits to overseas, as far as my knowledge goes, Chari always went alone,
never took anybody along with him in his trips abroad, because he
wanted to maintain absolute secrecy in the matter of overseas centres,
unlike Rev. Babuji. Let him contradict if this statement were incorrect ? I
am sure there will be no denial to it, as it is a statement fact . Most of the
money made by Chari is reportedly through overseas centres only, largely
from USA. If planned development of the Mission were Chari’s objective
as per Paris Declaration, he would have taken at least one office-bearer of
the Mission along with him in each visit abroad, if not more, so that some
other person(s) were available for any information, guidance or for dealing
with the matter later. But Rev. Babuji always took Chari, the then
Mission’s Secretary, along with Him in His visits overseas apart from
other persons. Further, as per Paris Declaration, Chari should have
appointed one ‘Secretary Overseas Centres’ for bringing about coordination
and harmony, amongst various centres/zones abroad. All this
shows the scant regard that he had for the Paris Declaration. This is what
he had been exciting abhyasis from overseas at Paris function in August
1982 to compel Rev. Babuji not to announce ‘Paris Declaration’. But the
declaration having been made, it had to be complied with. But if Chari
had observed Paris declaration, surely hurdles would have been placed in
his plans for money making from abroad. Further, his not taking anyone
with him and preferring to go overseas alone was for creating new entities
trusts – “Babuji Memorial”, “Lalaji Memorial”, “other Benami
etc., in the later half of the last decade of 20th century and
reportedly the flow of funds from abroad largely during the period from
that time till the later half of the first decade of the present century,
without any phenomenal increase in the mission’s activities in India, are
ample evidences of his intents in the matter of taking full advantage of the
opportunity of the Mission’s Presidentship. The unprecedented flow of
funds only enriched Chari’s personal trusts at the cost of the Mission. I
would like Chari to deny these facts. But I am also sure that he would not
do so, as these are only facts and he is a believer in facts. But the fact of
Chari’s ignoring Paris declaration leaves Mission in the situation of having
no knowledge, as after Chari nobody will be available in the Misison to
give exactly what information / understandings had been given to various
persons overseas in various countries about Sahaj Marg system and its
practice and the accounting rules to be followed by them ?
In our- (dear Sharad and myself ) - last visit in 2011 to California and other
places (USA), we heard about large scale money making by Chari. We
were made to believe that he (Chari) was particular that we did not meet
any of his members there. We have direct knowledge that persons were
eager to meet us there and invited us at their place, but later cancelled
their invitation to us to visit them or on another occasion some Chari’s
members were invited by their friend locally to meet us at a dinner
invitation but on knowing more about us, they cancelled their engagement
en-block with their friend for dinner. We fail to understand Chari’s fear is
arising out of what – may be that someone divulges some secret innocently
or true picture of Chari reaches them in conversation with us, so why take
chances. So all efforts were made to see that none of Chari’s members
meet us while we were in Bay area in California and other places.
All the ill-gotten money will not allow Chari to leave his body easily.
Alas ! it seems we will be forced to see Nature’s drama which is gradually
unfolding itself. Having written this much, there was the following
dictation from Rev. Babuji Saheb with reference to Shri Ram Chandra

“Na paheley kisi ney kiya hai,
aur aagey kudrat ki sazaa ka
Khauff karney nahin dey gha ”

[ No one has done before, and
in future the fear of Nature’s
punishment will not let anyone do it ]
[ 7.30 PM – IST ]
New Delhi
14th September 2012

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