Message on Ist Anniversary of the Society for Babujiís Mission,Delhi 13th Sep 2012

Posted On Saturday, September 15, 2012 | 8:16:10 AM


 Message on Ist Anniversary of the Society for Babuji’s Mission,Delhi

                                                                 13th Sep2012


“What we understand about life may notbe true and what is true we are yet to understand”.


“Life first takes the test bycreating the circumstance for action then teaches how to handle”.


My observed belief is what weunderstand about life is not fully true and what is true is yet to understand.


Maximum part of our life goes in planning and action to set our self in a comfortable living; and entire life passes in it and when we look back to our self we find all our best efforts could not help us to arrange as we were expecting.


My experience forces me to believe that accept and move as God created circumstances in present, and be sure we can not change His decided plans, so the best is to adjust within in a best possible way and act strongly to avoid self regrets at the end.


He plans and decides for all His creation without leaving room for any amendments. Our best try may help to deviate little but finally we need to come back to His plan and live within. Mayor may not like; but His plan is final.


I suggest we should constantly pray Him for guidance and direction for actions. It only will work out perfectly. Because His direction and His help will generate extra energy within us to move and reach to the object He fixed for us that only will provide us stress free living which every one wish.  



Sharad Chandra,


The Society for Babuji’s Mission, Delhi.



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