Peace and closed Eyes

Posted On Friday, August 31, 2012 | 7:33:02 AM

26th April,2012 .......................................................from the desk of Sharad Chandra, President.
Peace and closed eyes
are inter linked. When we wish to feel peace we need to close our eyes.
Reason behind it is movement. When we close the eyes, we shift from outward to inward, where only peace exists;because it all is designed by God.
Broadly , if we look to nature, it is quite but it speaks in silence.

All the existing systems in the world suggest worship by closing eyes. Reason behind is to look inside and go deep where only peace exists;  the living beings are always longing for it. We try our best to get through our beloved ways, which differ between believers. Only one thing is common in between  and that is closed eyes to experience it.

To my wisdom, those who are waiting  for peace must practice to keep eyes closed for some time every day to remember God; it will help them to get attached with HIM, to get peace, which is assured through practice if done regularly and with  full devotion.
"Never close your door for opportunity to knock before entering"

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