Reason for Rev. Babuji Maharaj being Special Personality-Revealing nature's greatest secret-

Posted On Thursday, August 30, 2012 | 7:07:33 AM

Revealing Nature's greatest Secret
The speciality of the system founded by Rev.Babuji Maharaj is that it guarantees the final goal of human life in part of one's life time; while still pursuing grahastha jeevan(house-hold life). The Nature has given the the name of "Sahaj Marg".
Many big personalities have talked of God and HIS realization, but none laid down any system with assurance that by its practice the goal of life shall be achieved without disturbing the normal family life.
In reality most of them propagated their experiences which at best are their story in their circumstances,instead explaining the system for reaching the goal of life.
To my understanding and belief "expeience can never be commonly useful, they can not be brought to common practice because of involved circumstances which can not be common in each case."

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