Founder's Day Celebrations-inaugral address of the Pesident - 06.05.2012

Posted On Thursday, August 30, 2012 | 6:24:10 AM

Dear Seekers,
Very good evening. I am happy and grateful to you all for providing me an opportunity ro share my experiences.
To my understanding and belief, most important is to be in constant remembrance of God Power. We cannot see HIM, but can feel HIS omni  existence Powerful Power.
We need to find out the ways and means  which can help us to be in constant touch with the Power. To my belief, God and Power , both are the same. We accept idol as God because we have become used to it and cannot see and believe beyond it.
 I n reality, Power is the only God, which helps the deserving. For becoming deserving , we need to devotionally develop the feelings for HIM. Same way as mother's care for child and remembrance for each other. Child may stop care for mother when become big, but mother will ever be caring for the child, because of the natural feelings , which are reserved only for mother, that is why this relation is accepted as special.
Once again I thank you all for your patiently allowing me for sharing my feelings.
May almighty God bless you all.
Sharad Chandra

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