To be Human is the best elevation for any human-being

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Founders of Systems have no representative like Buddha, Christ, Mohammad Saheb, 
Babuji and others
“To be Human is the best elevation for any human-being”
Shubh Chintak Kishore

What is the message that Rev. Babuji wanted to send around – that we must try to be human in the right sense of the word. It is commonly said that we are ‘born as man but die as animal’. On the other hand Rev. Babuji said ‘I am born as a man and will also die as a man’. This is what He achieved in His life time and had volunteered to guide people to become human in their life time.

It is also said that human is the best specie of GOD. Human only has the capacity to rise and not only that, he can also become ‘God- like’ except that human can not become GOD as there can never be two Gods. Just like in the world, mother will always remain one, but other ladies can be ‘mother-like’ Maa-si.

Rev. Babuji wanted to ‘bring out that human’ out of us. He used the age-old science called spiritual science to bring-out that human out of anyone and everyone, who wished to avail His services (a rare expertise) in the matter without any charge. His system is above religion. People had considered spirituality as most difficult and not for ordinary house-holder. He introduced the ‘Sahaj-Marg’ system, a natural and easy way for attainment of the above said objective. He made it so easy and simple with no do-not limit that anybody can practise at home and attain the objective of becoming a right human within a part of his/her life time.

Rev. Babuji also said ‘God is inter-dependant on man’, but not every man, - the man who has risen to that stature expected of man. He talked of bringing human to that level.

In His life time, when He was physically available, He was the only power that helped people. Now after His physical veiling in April 1983, He has merged with the power and through the Power, He is and will always be available for all – each and every aspirant – who wishes to be make himself/herself a ‘true-human’, without distinction of any kind whatsoever. As per the Rule of nature, Founder of any system, has no Representative. Like Lord Buddha founder of Buddism had no representative, Lord Christ founder of Christianity had no representative, Mohammad Saheb founder of Islam also had no representative, Rev. Babuji founder of Sahaj-marg also has no Representative

Let anyone try Rev. Babuji’s system and have direct self experience of its efficacy.


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