The Main Task Awaiting Us

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Shubh Chintak Kishore

I vividly remember Rev. Babuji talking to me with great reverence about Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur (U.P.) on several occasions. Once a supplier of electrical goods did some kind of excess billing to Shri Ram Chandra Mission. Referring to him, He said that He told him to be honest in his dealings with the Mission , otherwise he will be penalized by nature. He used to say that anybody who renders sincere service to the Mission will be taken care of in the matter of spirituality. I took clue from this statement and thought one of the easy ways I could get spirituality is to help in bringing up the Mission ’s accounts as expected by Rev. Babuji – that every penny received and spent by the Mission were duly recorded in the Mission ’s books of accounts. That was my initial thinking. Mission as a model in spirituality with equally clean state in accounts & finance and other matters, was Rev. Babuji’s vision. In the matter of accounts, He was guided by Lord Buddha’s words of wisdom based on His experience in the running of Buddhist organizations that mismanagement of accounts and finance was one of the causes for Buddhism downfall. The other cause for downfall, He had explained, was mixing of ladies.

On somebody’s remarks that the meditation hall at the Ashram at Shahjahanpur was too small looking to future expansion of the Mission ’s activities. Rev. Babuji said that there be only so many abhyasis gathering at Shahjahanpur at any one time. Remember, He used the word abhyasis and not members . By abhyasis He meant lions amongst human and not sheeps, as lions are always few compared to sheep’s population.

Rev. Babuji said His main object of taking birth was to establish a spiritual system for common persons and to see to it that the system were available at all times for help to true aspirants of spirituality. This work, He said nobody else could do. The work for increasing the number of abhyasis could be done by somebody else also. After His mahasamadhi , when Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari managed to manipulate the presidency of Shri Ram Chandra Mission in his favour taking court’s help and having succeeded in his efforts, he left no stone unturned in seeing that he made the best use of that opportunity in minting money in the name of Rev. Babuji, Rev. Lalaji and the Mission (SRCM). In the process he downgraded the Sahaj-Marg system to the lowest ebb as it suited him. But, this was against Rev. Babuji’s sacred intentions and His hard labour, which Chari well realized.

Therefore, Rev. Babuji at last selected two of us, Sharad and myself, who were closely associated with Him during His physical sojourn in this world, to see to it that the value of Sahaj-Marg were restored at the level it was left over by Him. Truthfulness of accounts and finance management are inter-linked with the maintenance of the purity of any system. He said “these are the main task that you two now have to do in your life time under my direct guidance”. He does not rely on anybody else for these works. According to Him, increaeing the number of abhyasis can be done by others as well, but the above work can not be done by anyone else except two of us and if it were not done by you people now, it will never be done.

May His Grace keep showing upon us for fulfillment of the task assigned to us and further protect us from wrongful, ego, greed and other things, the main causes for anybody’s downfall.

New Delhi – India
Rakshbandhan Day
Thursday, the 2nd August 2012

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