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Shubh Chintak Kishore

There are lot many people all are the world who are rich in terms of external physical/worldly wealth but there are very few who are rich in terms of internal wealth. We all know that while leaving the world, the external wealth acquired during the stay in the world is entirely left over in the world itself, but the internal wealth which becomes part of each one’s self, accompanies the person. Such a person is rich internally, but still the world is mad over external wealth. So wise people have always preferred the latter wealth – even forsaken kingdoms for the sake of inner wealth.

Like Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari, Raghvendra Rao, Sister Kasturi and many others in the Mission as evident from their activities are apparently working for physical wealth only. Rev. Babuji gave them chance as per their desire to acquire that wealth to the extent desired and worked by them. Like everyone can see that Sri Chari is rich in terms of material wealth. Dear Sharad, myself and few others preferred inner wealth so Rev. Babuji blessed us for that and we are rich in that and we are very happy to get His closeness also in process. 

Like those who apparently appear rich in material wealth as their ways and actions are proof for the same, apart from our personal knowledge which Rev. Babuji had told us about them. Even in Rev. Babuji’s times such persons were never serious about internal growth. But we, dear Sharad, myself and few others selected to remain unconcerned about poorness of material wealth.

Our experience with Rev. Babuji’s association has been that we get what we want. Those who are only materially rich, think that they are happy only because of Him and have considered the growth as sign of His grace. Rev. Babuji told there are only few who desired internal evolution and those who were serious about it, also got it. He disclosed in the inter-commune that while He was apparently sick and confined to hospital at New Delhi during 1982/83, He was working for things He had to do physically, and was busy with giving approaches to people who depended upon Him and desired internal evolution

May our Master Rev. Babuji give wisdom to all who came in contact with Him and desired that wealth, which He alone could give.

12th June 2012 Amen

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